Politics of Orioni



National government


  • The Imperial Council (Oharic: Memakiriti), created in 1175, which was composed of the 4 advisors of the Empress. The Empress would open her personal correspondence and discuss hearings only in the presence of at least 2 councillors. The Council was considered a very important body of government. Some historians even consider it to be more important than the Monarchy itself.


  • The Sibiseba (Anglish: Assembly) was established in 1195 as part of the constitutional law reforms, transforming the monarchy into a more deliberative form. The Sibiseba originated as a select committee of fifty nobles, appointed by the Imperial Council, to discuss law abouttaxes, trade, diplomacy, and military matters.


Weekly agenda

  • Monday: review of legislative by judicial
  • Tuesday: Sibiseba meets
  • Wednesday: Memakiriti meets
  • Thursday: Subcouncils meet
  • Friday: Question time of executive by legislative

Local government

Political parties and elections



Policy making

Foreign Relations