Eurth Group of 7

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Eurth Group of 7
PredecessorEuropa Group of 7
TypeInformal club
PurposePolitical, Economic

The Eurth Group of Seven (EG7) is an intergovernmental organsation consisting of 7 countries on Eurth. The heads of government of the member states, as well as the representatives of the international organisations, meet at the annual EG7 Summit.

List of summits


A previous, smaller summit was held with the Europa Group of 7 in Zuidhaven. It included representatives from Adaptus, Mekabiri, Noble Nykia, Orioni, Suverina, Tagmatium, and Volsci. Topics of discussion revolved around on a tougher stance on security to guaranty common peace and prosperity, and continued alignment of economic cooperation.[1]


The 2021 Summit of the EG7 took place in the Edwardsland Region of Delamaria. The agenda for the meeting included various topics:

  • The Anglian Crisis
  • The Future of Ceris
  • Emerging Economies
  • Future International Communities
  • Easing International Trade
  • Building a climate friendly economy

The guests of the summit were Chancellor Auchild Larson of Ahrana and President Patrick Saulius of Salvia.