Media of Eurth

This is a list of newspapers, television and radio broadcasters, and digital media outlets found across Eurth.


Title Country of origin Frequency Format Languages Owner Orientation Content Circulation
Faramount Faramontese National Newspaper
(Limonaian:Giornale Pubblico Faramontese)
Faramount Daily Broadsheet Limonaian, Anglish Media Pubblici Faramonte State media News 1.3 million
Faramontese National Newspaper is a state media outlet.
Faramount L'Indipendente Faramount Daily Online Limonaian, Anglish The Independent Holding Company Centre-Left News 125,000
Based in Mauridiviah since 1963.
Variota Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten Variota Daily Tabloid, Online Variot, Anglish Nasionale TeleSicht Variota Right-wing State media News, tabloid journalism, adult features 2.8 million
Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten keeps up circulation numbers by keeping a lower price point than other newspapers, maintaining tabloid journalism besides regular news and having features such as the Sausage Section. It is seen as right-wing due to its nationalistic and populist style, promoting Het Huisselant in this way, but is deemed non-biased in regards to the articles it prints.
Kipan Kyono Shimbun Kipan Daily Broadsheet, Online Kipanese Anglish Kyono Communications Group Center-right News 10 million
The Kyono Shimbun is the largest newspaper of record in Kipan due to a large contingent of its circulation is centered on the capital, Miyako. It is considered a right-wing publication for its conservative stances and full support for the former monarchy and now, under the Republic, the Conservative Party.
Kipan Nansei Shimbun Kipan Daily Broadsheet, Online Kipanese Anglish Nansei Center-right Economics, Financials 3 million
The Nansei Shimbun is a major international financial newspaper, with a daily circulation exceeding three million. Nansei 225, a stock market index for the Miyako Stock Exchange, has been calculated by the newspaper following the end of the Thalassian War. Its humble origins stems from the 'Domestic and Foreign Commodity Price Newspaper' that existed during the early Udo Period when international trade grew rapidly between Kipan and the rest of the global community.
Tikva Be'Sheeva Tikva Daily Broadsheet, Online Yebru Anglish Tava Group Center-right News 1.1 million
Be'Sheeva is one of Tikva's two major newspaper with the second-highest circulation in the State. It is largely associated with the center-right side of the political spectrum.
Tikva Ayalon Observer Tikva Daily Berliner, Online Yebru Anglish Fishman Group Center-left News 1.92 million
The Ayalon Observer is one of Tikva's two major newspaper with the highest circulation in the State. The Observer is considered the paper of record for all Tikva news abroad. It is largely associated with the center-left side of the political spectrum.
Orioni Medani Monitor Orioni Daily Broadsheet, Online Oharic, Anglish Eastern Orioni Media Group Center-left News, General 250,000
The Medani Monitor is a leading independent daily newspaper. The Medani Monitor and its magazine publications, as well as the printing press of the newspaper, are located in Meda, the largest city in Eastern Orioni.
Oyus The Yulaa Spectator Oyus Daily Broadsheet, Online Anglish Yulaa State media News 950,000


Name Country of origin Owner Progamming Availability Languages
Faramount Faramontese Public Television
(Limonaian: Television Pubblica Faramontese)
Faramount Media Pubblici Faramonte News, General Cable; Broadcast in major cities Limonaian
Faramontese Public Television is a state media outlet.
Rihan Republican Information Service
(Rihanh: Tlaru Aihrifv Rheilhhu)
Kipan State-Owned News Cable, Broadcast nationwide Rihanh
Tlaru Aihrifv Rheilhhu is the sole distributor of all news media and consumable information within the Rihan Republic. The service also maintains and operates the nation's telecommunications grid and associated products through its subsidiary, Hanet.
Kipan NBK Kipan National Broadcasting Corporation of Kipan (State-Owned) News, General, Sports, Music, Drama, Children, Education, Culture Cable, Broadcast nationwide; International Channel in Anglish Kipanese, Anglish
NBK has existed since the first televisions in Kipan. The corporation was formally established under proclaimation of the Emperor at the time. It is mandated to remain politically neutral in regards to news content. The NBK has several channels offers a number of channels for the expanse of its programming and an international channel for non-Kipanese speakers, though its content is fairly limited.
Oyus PBCO Oyus Public Broadcast Channels of Oyus Organization News, Sports, Education Cable, Broadcast nationwide Anglish
The Public Broadcasting Channels of Oyus, PBCO, was created by order of the Public's Right to Information Act in the late 1980's. Since it's establishment, it has been the leading television news network and remains unrivaled. While the government funds the bulk of it's operations, it considered a public entity separate from the government and classified as a non-profit. It is the only channel in Oyus that is completely commercial free.


Name Country of origin Owner Programming AM/FM broadcasting Shortwave broadcasting Online broadcasting Languages
Radio Free Eurth  Fulgistan The Radio Free Eurth Trust News, Music, Culture, Pro-Democracy Propaganda Yes Yes Yes Fulgi, Andesian, Girk, Alemannisch, Heiligen, Limonaian/Cristinese, Lysian, Serbian, Ahranian Latin, Standard Prymontian, Hellenic Russian, Kontyakish, European*, Anglish
Radio Free Eurth is a nonprofit organization which endeavors to bring the real news to people living under authoritarian regimes. It also endeavors to spread freedom and democracy via telecommunications.

*provisional language name for the language spoken in the Imperial States of Europe.

Faramount Faramontese Public Radio
(Limonaian: Radio Pubblica Faramontese)
Faramount Media Pubblici Faramonte News, General Yes Yes Yes Limonaian
Faramontese Public Radio is a state media outlet.
Kipan NBK Radio 1 Kipan National Broadcasting Corporation of Kipan News, General Yes Yes Yes Kipanese
NBK Radio 1 is a state media outlet.
Kipan NBK Radio 2 Kipan National Broadcasting Corporation of Kipan Sports Yes Yes Yes Kipanese
NBK Radio 2 is a state media outlet.
Kipan NBK Radio 3 Kipan National Broadcasting Corporation of Kipan Music Yes Yes Yes Kipanese
NBK Radio 3 is a state media outlet.
Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network  Bulgenstaz Bulgenstazi Free Listening Trust News Yes Yes Yes Bulgenstazi
BLNN is an unregulated state media outlet.


Title Country of origin Frequency Category Languages Owner Content
Faramount Faramount National Magazine
(Limonaian: Rivista Nazionale Faramontese)
Faramount Weekly Newsmagazine Limonaian Media Pubblici Faramonte News
State media.

News agencies

Name Country of origin Largest bureau Owner Date founded Languages
Kipanese News Agency  Kipan Sunset Sea Islands Kipanese Press Union 1955 Kipanese, Anglish
The KNA was formed following the Thalassian War to serve as an unbiased producer of news, specifically on topics and areas that the individual outlets either do not devout their own resources towards or intentionally stay away from. Many of the stories produced by the agency can be found on the myriad array of television news shows through Kipan. Most international publications obtain Kipanese stories and headlines from the KNA.
Roiters  Orioni Sunset Sea Islands Roiters International 1915 Oharic, Anglish, Variot, Cristinese/Limonaian, Miirosi, Kipanese
Roiters is one of the oldest news agencies in the region. The agency is based in Nordhaven, with regional centres in almost all other countries. It sends out news in English. Roiters was founded in 1915 by Leopold Ackerman as Roiters News Agency. Roiters is a non-profit autonomous public corporation, operating commercially and independently of the Orioni government.
APL  Lysian Republic Shffahkia - 1915 Lysian, Anglish
The APL (Agence Presse Lyrie) is an independent and public organism in charge of collecting, investigating, sorting out, verify, confirm and publish news in a neutral, impartial and autonomous form.