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This is a list of newspapers, television and radio broadcasters, and digital media outlets found across Eurth.


Title Country of origin Frequency Format Languages Owner Orientation Content Circulation
Faramount Faramontese National Newspaper
(Limonaian:Giornale Pubblico Faramontese)
Faramount Daily Broadsheet Limonaian, Anglish Media Pubblici Faramonte State media News 1.3 million
Faramontese National Newspaper is a state media outlet.
Faramount L'Indipendente Faramount Daily Online Limonaian, Anglish The Independent Holding Company Centre-Left News 125,000
Based in Mauridiviah since 1963.
Variota Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten Variota Daily Tabloid, Online Variot, Anglish Nasionale TeleSicht Variota Right-wing State media News, tabloid journalism, adult features 2.8 million
Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten keeps up circulation numbers by keeping a lower price point than other newspapers, maintaining tabloid journalism besides regular news and having features such as the Sausage Section. It is seen as right-wing due to its nationalistic and populist style, promoting Het Huisselant in this way, but is deemed non-biased in regards to the articles it prints.
Orioni Medani Monitor Orioni Daily Broadsheet, Online Oharic, Anglish Eastern Orioni Media Group Center-left News, General 250,000
The Medani Monitor is a leading independent daily newspaper. The Medani Monitor and its magazine publications, as well as the printing press of the newspaper, are located in Meda, the largest city in Eastern Orioni.
Oyus The Yulaa Spectator Oyus Daily Broadsheet, Online Anglish Yulaa State media News 950,000
Cristina Il Giorno Cristina Daily Broadsheet, Online Cristinese, Anglish Cristina Press Holdings Center-right Public Media News 280,500 (print + digital)
Il Giorno functions with 16 bureaus and special correspondents in major cities worldwide. The paper has five sections: the main section consist of Cristinese and international news, with sub-sections of columns and editorials and the letters to the press. The Home section consist of local news and topics on Education (Monday), Mind and Body (Tuesday), Digital (Wednesday), Community (Thursday) and Science (Friday). There are also a sports and finance section, a classified ads and job listing section and a lifestyle, style, entertainment and the arts section titled "Vita!". Il Giorno has been criticised by netizens for sloppy and biased reporting.
Cristina Diario Reale Cristina Daily Tabloid, Online Cristinese, Anglish  SMedia Corporate media News 180,400 (print + digital)
Delamaria.jpeg The Labrador Post Delamaria Daily Broadsheet, Online Anglish RGM Center-right News, Investigative Journalism 1.3 Million (5.2 million online)
Littland Signal! Littland Daily Tabloid, Online Littish OPA Media Tabloidism Tabloid Journalism 752,000 (3 million online)
Littland Kaslund Tidende Littland Daily Midi, Online Littish OPA Media Centre-right News, Sports 265,000 (1.1 million online)
Littland Makulator Littland Daily Broadsheet, Online Littish OPA Media Centre News, Politics, Investigative Journalism 530,000 (1.4 million online)
Littland Økonom Littland Daily Broadsheet, Online Littish OPA Media Economically liberal Economic News, Politics 270,000 (800,000 online)
Littland Orientering Littland Daily Midi, Online Littish Orientering Media Independent News, Investigative Journalism 218,000 (2.1 million online)
Orientering is Littlands largest independent newspaper. It's known for its anti-establishment stances and being critical of larger organizations. The paper covers in-depth analytical articles, which sometimes has political ramifications, such as the Torcon-Madsen Scandal.


Name Country of origin Owner Progamming Availability Languages
Faramount Faramontese Public Television
(Limonaian: Television Pubblica Faramontese)
Faramount Media Pubblici Faramonte News, General Cable; Broadcast in major cities Limonaian
Faramontese Public Television is a state media outlet.
Oyus PBCO Oyus Public Broadcast Channels of Oyus Organization News, Sports, Education Cable, Broadcast nationwide Anglish
The Public Broadcasting Channels of Oyus, PBCO, was created by order of the Public's Right to Information Act in the late 1980's. Since it's establishment, it has been the leading television news network and remains unrivaled. While the government funds the bulk of it's operations, it considered a public entity separate from the government and classified as a non-profit. It is the only channel in Oyus that is completely commercial free.


Cristina Intelecom Cristina Gruppo Intelecom Generalist, News, TV Series, Movies, Culture, Sports and Entertainment  Cable; Broadcast worldwide Cristinese
Largest commercial broadcaster in the country. The group competes primarily against the public broadcaster and market leader CrisTel.
Cristina CrisTel Channel Cristina CrisTel Group Generalist, News, TV Series, Movies, Culture, Education, Sports, kids and Entertainment Cable; Broadcast worldwide Cristinese
CrisTel operates many terrestrial and subscription television channels and radio stations. It is one of the biggest broadcasters in Cristina competing with Intelecom, and other minor radio and television networks. CrisTel has a relatively high television audience share of 35.9%.


Name Country of origin Owner Programming AM/FM broadcasting Shortwave broadcasting Online broadcasting Languages
Radio Free Eurth  Fulgistan The Radio Free Eurth Trust News, Music, Culture, Pro-Democracy Propaganda Yes Yes Yes Fulgi, Andesian, Girk, Alemannisch, Heiligen, Limonaian/Cristinese, Lysian, Serbian, Ahranian Latin, Standard Prymontian, Hellenic Russian, Kontyakish, European*, Anglish
Radio Free Eurth is a nonprofit organization which endeavors to bring the real news to people living under authoritarian regimes. It also endeavors to spread freedom and democracy via telecommunications.

*provisional language name for the language spoken in the Imperial States of Europe.

Faramount Faramontese Public Radio
(Limonaian: Radio Pubblica Faramontese)
Faramount Media Pubblici Faramonte News, General Yes Yes Yes Limonaian
Faramontese Public Radio is a state media outlet.
Cristina Radio Bizantina Cristina Independent listener-supported radio station News/Talk; Generalistic; Music  Yes Yes Yes Cristinese
Known for its progressive and liberal political orientation, Radio Bizantina airs public news, public affairs, talk, entertainment and music programming.


Title Country of origin Frequency Category Languages Owner Content
Faramount Faramount National Magazine
(Limonaian: Rivista Nazionale Faramontese)
Faramount Weekly Newsmagazine Limonaian Media Pubblici Faramonte News
State media.
Cristina Cuore Magazine Cristina Weekly Women's health Cristinese SMedia Health and Fitness
Between February 2006 and January 2007 the magazine sold 180,100 copies. Its circulation was 180,257 copies in 2007. From August 2010 to July 2011 the monthly had a circulation of 145,380 copies. An online version was created in 2007.

News agencies

A news agency gathers and sells news reports to news organizations.

Name Country of origin Largest bureau Owner Date founded Languages
Roiters  Orioni Sunset Sea Islands Roiters International 1915 Oharic, Anglish, Variot, Cristinese, Miirosi
Roiters is one of the oldest news agencies in the region. The agency is based in Nordhaven, with regional centres in almost all other countries. It sends out news in Anglish. Roiters was founded in 1915 by Leopold Ackerman as Roiters News Agency. Roiters is a non-profit, autonomous public corporation, operating commercially and independently of the Orinese government.
APL  Lysian Republic Shffahkia - 1915 Lysian, Anglish
The Agence Presse Lyrie (APL) is an independent and public organism in charge of collecting, investigating, sorting out, verify, confirm and publish news in a neutral, impartial and autonomous form.
RCN  Cristina Cristina CrisTel Group 2001 Cristinese, Mantellan, Lysian, Anglish
The Rete Cristina di Notizies is the Cristinese main news agency. The RCN focuses on news about politics, economics and industry and has collaborations with many international news agencies.
DGS  Delamaria Delamaria RGM 1921 Anglish, Lysian, Cristinese, Mantellan, Variot, Oharic
The Delamarian Global Service is an international news service that provides news to over 30 organisations around the world. It focuses on politics, global events, business, economics, conflict and cultural events. It maintains 12 global free to air radio stations, that broadcasts in 6 languages.
KBK  Cashar Cashar Suzinka Sketoviska 1926 Monetok, Iverican, Anglish, Esonian
The Cashari Broadcasting Corporation (KBK) is an international news service based in Protiva, Centavo of the Incorporated States of Cashar. It is a for-profit corporation, and its CEO, Suzinka Sketoviska sits on The Board, part of the bicameral legislature of Cashar.
Meinert  Littland Littland Meinert Holding 1911 Littish, Malskic, Anglish
Meinert is an international news agency based in Littland. It operates internationally and operates the Littland News Network, a platform for Littish news in Anglish. Meinert is owned by the Meinert family though a holding company, but retains editorial independence.