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Rugby World Cup (Kylaris)

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Rugby Union World Cup
Current season or competition:
2021 Satavia
SportRugby Union
Inaugural season1981 Rugby World Cup
Number of teams20
HoldersGarambura (2021)
Most titlesCaldia
(4; 1989, 2005, 2009, 2017)

The Rugby World Cup is a men's rugby union tournament held every four years, and contested by 20 qualifiying nations. The first tournament was held in 1981, by Caldia, and was won by Nuvania. Caldia has won 4 times, the most of any team, followed by Nuvania, who have won three times, Garambura twice whilst Satavia and Rizealand have won once. Garambura hosted the 2017 world cup, whilst Satavia hosted the 2021 world cup.

The Women's World Cup is held every four years, with each tournament held between the men's world cup. The first women's world cup was held in Estmere in 2011, which Estmere won. Since 2011, their have been two other cups - both won by Rizealand.



Some nations recieve automatic qualification to the next Rugby World Cup - the top four nations, and the host of that year. For example, for the 2021 cup, Satavia automatically qualified as host nation, whilst Caldia, Nuvania and Masari all qualified as they placed in the top four. The remaining 16 slots are filled by how they did in the previous tournament's group and quater final stages. If a nation makes it to the quater final, they are almost guaranteed a spot in the next tournament.


Each tournament begins with the group stages (typically four groups of five) who each play each other for points. The second stage is the knockout stage, which consists of the top two teams from each group. At the quater-finals, eight teams play for four quater final slots - whilst at the semi-finals, four teams play for the two final slots. The two losing teams then play in the "Bronze Final" which determines third and fourth.


Several smaller tournaments existed before the creation of the Rugby World Cup in 1981, most notably the Empire Rugby Leauge which consisted of Estmere and various dominions and colonies of Estmere.

In 1976 a Rugby Union convention was held, where reperesentatvies of 17 different nations met to discuss rugby and the standardisation of rugby rules. At the 1979 meeting, the Caldish Rugby Union proposed a world cup - to be competed by the 17 nations present - and three others. The proposal was supported almost unanimously, and it was agreed that Caldia should host the first Rugby World Cup in 1981.

Nuvania were the champions, beating Caldia in the final, whilst Rizealand claimed third place. Including 1981, there have been 11 World Cups, with the latest hosted by Satavia.


Men's Tournament

Year Host(s) Final Bronze Final Number of teams
Winner Score Runner-up 3rd place Score 4th place
1981 Caldia Caldia  Nuvania 22-14  Caldia  Rizealand 14-13  Satavia 20
1985 Estmere Estmere  Rizealand TBD-TBD  Caldia  Nuvania TBD-TBD  Garambura 20
1989 Rizealand Rizealand  Caldia TBD-TBD  Rizealand  Gaullica TBD-TBD  Nuvania 20
1993 Nuvania Nuvania  Nuvania TBD-TBD  Rizealand  Caldia TBD-TBD  Satavia 20
1997 Gaullica Gaullica  Satavia TBD-TBD  Nuvania  Estmere TBD-TBD  Garambura 20
2001 Cassier Cassier  Garambura TBD-TBD  Caldia  Rizealand TBD-TBD  Cassier 20
2005 Etruria Etruria  Caldia TBD-TBD  Rizealand  Garambura TBD-TBD  Satavia 20
2009 Azmara Azmara  Caldia TBD-TBD  Nuvania  Masari TBD-TBD  Garambura 20
2013 Soravia Soravia  Nuvania TBD-TBD  Garambura  Caldia TBD-TBD  Soravia 20
2017 Garambura Garambura  Caldia TBD-TBD  Nuvania  Satavia TBD-TBD  Masari 20
2021 Satavia Satavia  Garambura 28-17  Satavia  Caldia 17-3  Rizealand 20

Women's Tournament

Year Host(s) Final Bronze Final Number of teams
Winner Score Runner-up 3rd place Score 4th place
2011 Estmere Estmere  Estmere TBD-TBD  Caldia  Nuvania TBD-TBD  Rizealand 12
2015 Caldia Caldia  Rizealand TBD-TBD  Caldia  Estmere TBD-TBD  Satavia 12
2019 Nuvania Nuvania  Rizealand TBD-TBD  Estmere  Nuvania TBD-TBD  Caldia 12

Top performances by nation (men's)

Team Champions Runners-up Third Fourth
 Caldia 4 (1989, 2005, 2009, 2017) 3 (1981, 1985, 2001) 3 (1993, 2013, 2021)
 Nuvania 3 (1981, 1993, 2013) 3 (1997, 2009, 2017) 1 (1985) 1 (1989)
 Garambura 2 (2001, 2021) 1 (2013) 1 (2005) 3 (1985, 1997, 2009)
 Rizealand 1 (1985) 3 (1989, 1993, 2005) 2 (1981, 2001) 1 (2021)
 Satavia 1 (1997) 1 (2021) 1 (2017) 3 (1981, 1993, 2005)
 Masari 1 (2009) 1 (2017)
 Estmere 1 (1997)
 Gaullica 1 (1989)
 Cassier 1 (2001)
 Soravia 1 (2013)

Top performances by nation (women's)

Team Champions Runners-up Third Fourth
 Rizealand 2 (2015, 2019) 1 (2011)
 Estmere 1 (2011) 1 (2019) 1 (2015)
 Caldia 2 (2011, 2015) 1 (2019)
 Nuvania 2 (2011, 2019)
 Satavia 1 (2015)

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