2020 IES Baiqiao Summit

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2020 Intergovernmental Economic Forum Summit
Baiqiao bid.png
Host countryXiaodong
DateAugust 2020
ParticipantsB-15 major economies
Follows2019 Sant Picano Summit
Precedes2021 Summit

The 2020 IES Baiqiao Summit will be the 16th meeting of the "big 15" (B-15) economies and invited guests. It will be the second held in Xiaodong after the 2009 IES summit and will be hosted in Baiqiao, the second largest city in Xiaodong.


  • Climate Change
    • Sustainable development
    • New sources of energy
  • Situation in Tsabara
    • Effect of migration on national economies
    • Disruption of energy sources
    • Impact on national security
    • Status of foreign assets in Tsabara

Participating leaders


Invited guests