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Native name
Narodû Tèlèvidenje (Neo-Mustelarian)
Narodna Televiza (Zhoushi)
ⲛⲁⲣⲟⲇⲛⲓⲁ ⲧⲉⲗⲉⲫⲓⲍⲁ (Belgorian)
Public Broadcasting Company
PredecessorZHOUTEL (ƷӨTEL)
NTVMB (ⲛⲧⲫⲙⲃ)
FoundedJanuary 1, 1985; 36 years ago (1985-01-01)
Number of locations
217 (2020)
Area served
Mustelaria and areas near the border

Nartel is a current Mustelarian public TV company, which currently operates 12 TV channels.


Nartel, originally created as a reformation from ZHOUTEL (Zhoushi Television) in 1985 with the National Integration Bill, currently serves as a public service paid from taxes: Most of the channels are payed for by the taxpayers and are accessible for free to all Zhoushi citizens. Nartel officially absorbed NTVMB (Public broadcasting company of Monte Blanco), with the reunification of Mustelaria in 2020.

Although the funding is mostly payed by the taxpayers, substantial amount of funding comes from the advertisement breaks and original movies/series filmed by the filmmakers cooperating with Nartel.

Among more famous products of Nartel TV is a political comedy "ⲓⲁⲥⲛⲟ ⲁⲓ ⲥⲧⲣⲩⲧϣⲛⲟ/Jasno ai stučno" (Clearly and Concisely in Common) ( Monte Blanco, 2012), alternate history drama "Maꞇчina" (The Motherland in Common) ( Mustelaria, 2020). science fiction horror "Foxtrot-13" ( Zhousheng, 1996, remake in 2020) or "ⅩⅠ: You would not taste foreign sugar" (11: Ƞeȝuꞇiш cuƌigo cukru in Zhoushi; 11: Ⲛⲉⲟⲭⲩⲧⲛⲁϣ ⲧⲥⲓⲍⲓⲅⲟ ⲧⲥⲩⲕⲣⲁ in Belgorian)( Mustelaria, 1996, remake in 2020)

Old opening card to the cinema news broadcast by ƷӨTEL, 1931

Nartel is often seen as a impartial TV channel, as it is not controlled by the politicians, although being state-funded. In 2003, Conservative zhoushi government attempted controlling the media by cuting its funding, which started a wave of peaceful demonstrations,[1] which eventually forced the government to abdicate and caused a overall shift toward liberalism.

Nartel is also known for making a high-quality documentaries. Among those, one of the most famous would be the TV series "Important Moments" (Dөleʒite momenty in Zhoushi), which works on reconstructing historical footage.[2]


Ever since the first public broadcast TV under ƷӨTEL from 1956, new TV programmes were added regulairly for new audiences.

Among cancelled channels are:

  • NARTEL-4 - Nartel4-logo.png - Cancelled in 2019 with the creation of autonomy TVs

Here is a list of channels currently operated by Nartel company:

Logo TV Channel name Area of broadcast Specialisation Public/paid Language of broadcasting Broadcasting time Year of creation (ZSG) Year of creation (MTB)
Nartel1-logo.png NARTEL-1 Mustelaria Discussions and documentaries PUBLIC Zhoushi, Belgorian
Seperate broadcast in Zhousheng and Monte Blanco
Non-stop 1956
Nartel2-logo.png NARTEL-2 Mustelaria Original movies and series, comedy shows, guest shows PUBLIC Zhoushi, Belgorian
Seperate broadcast in Zhousheng and Monte Blanco
Non-stop 1964
Nartel3-logo.png NARTEL-3 Mustelaria Senior audience, old movies PUBLIC Zhoushi, Belgorian
Seperate broadcast in Zhousheng and Monte Blanco
Non-stop 1998 1981
Nartel-news-logo.png NARTEL news Mustelaria Political discussions and news broadcast PUBLIC Zhoushi
Non-stop 1976
Nartel-sport-logo.png NARTEL sport Mustelaria Sport analysis and live broadcast LICENSE[3] Zhoushi
6:00 PMT
0:30 PMT
Nartel-kids-logo.png NARTEL kids Mustelaria Cartoons, movies for younger audience LICENSE Zhoushi
5:00 PMT
21:30 PMT
2001 2017
Nartel-art-logo.png NARTEL art Mustelaria Airs opera, theatre plays and deep-minded movies LICENSE[4] Zhoushi
Other languages (Movies not translated)
13:00 PMT
1:00 PMT
2003 1999
Nartel-music-logo.png NARTEL music Mustelaria Concerts, musicals and over all music LICENSE[5] Zhoushi
Other languages (Concerts and songs not translated)
6:00 PMT
1:30 PMT
2012 2017
Nartel-Grad-logo.png NARTEL Grad Grad Autonomy, Orlobirg Region, Central Region Mix of public channels, translated into Gradi and Gadori PUBLIC Gradi
Non-stop 2019
Nartel-Storvan-logo.png NARTEL Storvan Storvan Autonomy, Mosterec Region, Preimeai Lease Ports Zone Mix of public channels, translated into Aschari and Neuew PUBLIC Aschari
Non-stop 2016 2017
Nartel-Zaprei-logo.png NARTEL Zaprei Zaprei Autonomy, Phnom Montes Autonomy Mix of public channels, translated into Zaprei, Preimeai, Phná/Phnom PUBLIC Zaprei
Phná (Phnom)
Non-stop 2019
Nartel-inter-logo.png NARTEL international Anteria (internet TV)
Sekidean Union (regular TV)
Mix of public channels, translated into Common LICENSE[6] Common Non-stop 2015 2015
International+ (nicknamed NARTEL protest)
Unofficial TV channel, technically part of NARTEL international
Anteria (internet TV) Mix of dissident, samizdat and political refugee commentary news for countries completely blocking NARTEL international PUBLIC[7] Common
Multiple national languages

Associated companies

Nartel™ is not only a broadcasting company, but has multiple associated companies, operating in multiple more fields associated to the broadcasting.


Native name
Verjany Radio (Neo-Mustelarian)
Veꝛajne Radijo (Zhoushi)
ⲫⲉⲣⲁⲧⲛⲉ ⲣⲁⲇⲓⲟ (Belgorian)
Public Broadcasting Company
IndustryRadio broadcasting
PredecessorZHOURAD (ƷӨRAD)
NRDMB (ⲛⲣⲇⲙⲃ)
FoundedFebruary 14, 1914; 107 years ago (1914-02-14)
Number of locations
526 (2020)
Area served
Mustelaria and areas near the border

VERAD is Mustelarian public radio broadcasting company, created in 1914 in Bogmia, 1916 in Zhengia and 1926 in Monte Blanco.
Originally, the broadcasting company was the main branch of the public media owned by the Zhoushi and later Mustelarian government, but with the development and creation of Nartel, the branches shifted and the radio broadcasting became subservient to the TV broadcasting.
Unlike NARTEL channels, public radio has different broadcasting in every region of Mustelaria, in their local language. All of the broadcasting is done 24/7/365.

Logo Channel name Area of broadcast Language of broadcasting
Verad-Bogmia-logo.png VERAD Bogmia Bogmian Region, Zhousheng Zhoushi
Verad-Dumtapolis-logo.png VERAD Dumtapolis Dumtapolis, Mustelaria Neo-Mustelarian
Verad-Gasnowice-logo.png VERAD Gasnowice Central Region, Zhousheng Zhoushi
Verad-Grad-logo.png VERAD Grad Grad Autonomy, Zhousheng Gradi, Gadori, Zhoushi
Verad-Kandan-logo.png VERAD Kandan Kandan Region, Zhousheng Zhoushi
Verad-Karaalan-logo.png VERAD Karaalan Karaalan Region, Monte Blanco Karaalani, Belgorian
Verad-Klimdan-logo.png VERAD Klimdan Chepichkik Region, Monte Blanco Belgorian
Verad-Kurnava-logo.png VERAD Kurnava Kurnava Region, Monte Blanco Belgorian
Verad-Lonking-logo.png VERAD Lonking Lonking Region, Zhousheng Slovanic, Zhoushi
Verad-Minimalstrit-logo.png VERAD Minimalstrit Minimalstrit Region, Zhousheng Zhoushi
Verad-Montginia-logo.png VERAD Montginia Montginia Region, Monte Blanco Belgorian
Verad-Mosterec-logo.png VERAD Mosterec Mosterec Region, Zhousheng Zhoushi
Verad-Nadgorica-logo.png VERAD Nadgorica Nadgorica Region, Monte Blanco Belgorian
Verad-Orlobirg-logo.png VERAD Orlobirg Orlobirg Region, Zhousheng Zhoushi
Verad-Pinžak-logo.png VERAD Pinžak Pinžak Region, Monte Blanco Belgorian, Gorgavian
Verad-Severija-logo.png VERAD Severija Northern Region, Monte Blanco Belgorian
Verad-Storvan-logo.png VERAD Storvan Storvan Autonomy, Zhousheng Aschari, Borelian, Neo, Storvani
Verad-Ukadsk-logo.png VERAD Ukadsk Ukadsk Region, Zhousheng Zhoushi
Verad-Zaprei-logo.png VERAD Zaprei Zaprei Autonomy, Zhousheng
Prei Montes Autonomy, Monte Blanco
Preimeai, Zaprei, Phná
Verad-Common-logo.png VERAD Common Internet radio (All of Anteria)
AM waves (Most of Thuadia, NW Thrismari)
FM waves (Sekidean Union)

Nartel Productions

Nartel Productions, an affiliated company to Nartel TV, is paid by Nartel TV to record movies, TV series and documentaries to be licensed and sold to other companies, creating another side income to the TV company. Nartel Productions, being the company organizing and creating scripts.


  1. Biggest of the demonstrations was on 6th September, 2003 on the Winter Square (Zimƞi Namisꞇi in Zhoushi) in Kandan
  2. Nartel has reconstructed and colored an original footage of San Calian lunar landing from 1967. The shorter archive version of the Important Moments episode originally broadcasted in 1986 in Common language on Nartel-1 can be still seen →HERE← (Please do not hate me for the terrible photoshop)
  3. Is publicly opened for non-licensed viewers every 4 years during the Olympic games
  4. Is publicly opened for non-licensed viewers during the Golden Lotus competitions (26th - 31st December)
  5. Is publicly opened for non-licensed viewers during the Dokovision (Dokodo Union's music contest in which Mustelaria is invited)
  6. Depending on location. There is a access to a limited archive for free, IPs from Sekidean countries, Dokodo countries, countries associated with the SU, such as Krenya or Khemmi have a free unlimited access. Access to the full archive might be limited to IPs from authoritarian countries (Informations can not be edited or falsified, only removed).
  7. To IPs from countries officially unrestrictevely blocking the website, a dissident news service has been created. The web service can be acessed using VPNs, but also is accessible using a multiple gateways and links