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Area47,601,795 km^2
Ethnic groupsGermanic
Time zonesUTC -6 to +3

Thrismari is the main southern landmass in Anteria, stretching from around 90°W to around 30°E, between the Hagalaz Ocean to the west, Kaldaz Ocean to the south, and the Sunadic Ocean to the east, while Thuadia is to its northwest. The continent scales at 47,601,795 km^2. The population of Thrismari is at a total estimate of around 1.9 billion as of 2021.


Thrismari is the most diverse continent in Anteria, as it is the only continent to have every defined climate. The geography is extremely varied in the continent, from the frosted tops of the Lübbenau Mountains to the exotic tropics in the north, Thrismari has a bit of everything.

In Northern Thrismari, just across the water from Thuadia, you'll find a tropical climate. The tropics consist of large, harsh rainforests and large amounts of torrential rainfall. Some nations within this tropical area include Grangua, Amrelia and the Canton River Delta. Some areas in the region can be extremely mountainous and rocky, most notably in Encessia

If you begin to head south, you will find the sub-tropics of Thrismari. This area is less rainy, however still has some large rainforests. The sub-tropics receive much less torrential rainfall a year. Nations in the sub-tropic include Marseillien,New Greenia and Etreon.

The desert in Thrismari is central, and very large. It includes steppe, savannah and desert. From the large baron desert, to the thriving savannas, this region takes up a majority of central Thrismari. Nations that are in the desert include Abjekistan,Aquaria and Jehovikra. The region is extremely mountainous in areas, with inner baron deserts and outer steppe and thriving savannah.

Mediterranean is found in four locations of Thrismari, on the west coast, near the steppe and desert, Basilund's island, the northern islands in Fallooplesburg and the some land round the Marmor Sea.

The majority of southern Thrismari is temperate grasslands and forests, with thriving populations. In certain areas, southern Thrimsari is home to large mountain ranges, and hills, whereas in others it is grasslands and rivers. Regions such as Blechingia are full of mountains, and others like Sarussia are almost completely flat. Some notable nations in the temperate areas are Foxomexra,Medovia and South Eisennau

Tundra and Taiga is in the south of Thrismari, baron snow wastes in the tundras, and cold taigas frosted with snow occupy the south. Some notable regions with taiga include Lyonheimer,in the south of the nation,Tytherial and Sacrofnia. Some nations that have tundra climates include Cult of Valerius and Saint Hera.


Listed below are all countries located on the continent of Thrismari.2

1Partially located on Thrismari 2Accurate as of February 25th, 2021