Dokodo Union

Dokodo Union
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Established:March 16th 2016
Members: Tsokeiku
Template:Country data Nouveaurich
Template:Country data Hofflandian Union
Total GDP:692. Qs (19 November 2016)
GDP per capita:89.555 Qs (19 November 2016)


The Dokodo Union was formed in Anteria on the 16th of March, 2016 when Astariax and Tsokeiku formed their own power bloc for military and economic protection in response to the advancement of the other power blocs. It was formed in Dokodo, upon agreement from four countries including Astariax and Tsokeiku. Ever since it's creation it has been one of the biggest (in number of members) power bloc in Anteria. On April 23rd, 2017, the Charter of the Dokodo Union was enacted, superseding the previous Treaty of Dokodo, but incorporating many elements into it.

Nation: Admission Date: Continent: Status:
 Tsokeiku Founding Member Kasia Active
 Astariax Founding Member Avistava Active
 Gabrielland 2016, 16th of March Kasia Active
Template:Country data Eudaemonics 2016, 12th of November N/A Inactive
 Hatstheput 2016, 19th of November Atracia Active
Template:Country data Ghijuko 2016, 6th of December N/A Inactive
Template:Country data Nouveaurich 2017, 9th of February Avistava Active
Template:Country data Hofflandian Union 2017, 18th of March Atracia Active
 Albithica 2017, 13th of April Avistava Active
 Aziallis 2017, 16th of May Kasia Active
Lesbias () N/A Inactive
Milintia () N/A Inactive
Little Cal () Kasia Active
Shadoveil 2018, 11th of November Atracia Active

2018, 7th of December Kasia Active

Principles and Foundation

The Dokodo Union is formed on the foundation of equality among member nations. Ideologically, on this foundation, there are three pillars, or principles, that form the central tenants of the Union. These pillars are:
Free, unobstructed trade
Freedom of transit and travel
Defensive support and protection

These three pillars, along with the foundation of equality, is the core philosophy behind the Dokodo Union.

Documents, Accords, and Commissions

Right now the following documents have been produced:

Name of document: Type of Document: Affected countries: Summary: Current state:
Charter of the Dokodo Union Organizational Document All Members of the Dokodo Union Expands upon the Treaty of Dokodo, establishes a political structure, defines Accords and Commissions In Effect
Treaty of Dokodo Founding Treaty All Members of the Dokodo Union. Guarantees free transit among members of the Dokodo Union, establishes mutual defense among members, creation of the Quasa. Superseded
Dokodo Union Common Market Accord Accord All Members of the Dokodo Union Defines the DU Common Market, and establishes the DU Customs Authority In Effect
The Quasa Commision Members of the QuasaZone Expands upon the details of the Quasa. Distribution of the responsibility of distribution. Rules and laws regarding the currency. Active
The C.E.D. Program Commision Members that explicitly opt in. A cultural enrichment program that encourages the exchange and development of signed member states cultures. Active
Dokodo Union Space Program Commission Members that explicitly opt in. A program to encourage and coordinate space exploration in the Dododo Union Active
Dokodovision Commission Members that explicitly opt in An annual song contest between Members of the Dokodo Union Active