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Anterian World Assembly

Anterian World Assembly
World Assembly flag
Headquarters:Orine, Aziallis
Protocolar language:Common
Type:Intergovernmental organization
(World Assembly)
Established:22 October 2020

The Anterian World Assembly is a geopolitical orginization in Anteria, aiming for world peace and better understanding among nations.


It was formed as a unifying factor to the international organizations in Anteria, which became autonomous branches. Those branches are:

Name of the organization Its specialization Head responsible for the branch Joined AWA
Anterian Security Council The council is responsible for fast response by the AWA and can be overturned by later vote  Mustelaria This is a direct organ without autonomy on AWA
Initiative for Global Peace Organ is responsible for mediating conflicts around the worlds and creating peacekeeping missions  New Sebronia With its formation
Anterian Health Organization Organ is responsible for coordination of medical development and medical assistance to countries which need it  Speke With its formation
Anterian Agency for Sciences, Education and Culture Organ is responsible for preservation of cultural heritage and support for cultures around the world  Kentalis With its formation
Krong Sivuk Naval Committee Organ is responsible for mandating maritime boundaries and EEZs of member countries  Prei Meas With its formation
United Anterian Space Agency Organ is responsible for cooperation in space reasearch, space neutrality and demilitarisation and education for the field of space discovery  Shedehnoah November 6th, 2020
Anterian Nuclear Energy Commission Organ is responsible for nuclear safety[1]  Kentalis January 14th, 2021

The organizations retain full autonomy with the same structure as before they joined AWA and membership in them is not mandated to AWA members and vise versa. Only exception is, that the branches have right to mandate their respective fields in a dispute between countries, that are not members of their branch, but are a member of AWA if at least one of the countries involved in the dispute asks for the mediation.

World Peace Manifesto

Manifesto for World Peace and cooperation among nations
Original titleManifest ʒөmskeho santifu
Presented20th October, 2020
Ratified21st October, 2020
Date effective22nd October, 2020
LocationOrine, Aziallis
Author(s)Jeliþo Pogөf[2], Mustelarian Prime minister
Media typeInternational Document
PurposeWorld Peace via AWA

World Peace Manifesto was a document written by Mustelarian prime minister Jeliþo Pogөf, hoping to create an organization that would cooperate with the rest of the world and merge international organizations into one. Now follows the original official english transcript of the document:


We, the nations of Anteria, hereby stand together, working together, united and willing to cooperate to reach global peace. We have seen enough deaths, enough suffering, enough pain and enough ruined lives. We came together with a hope and a ideal, that there are things that should be done, there are ways better than war, there is a better way to work with the world.
Therefore, we, form a Anterian World Assembly as equals. Every voice would be heard in this assembly and every voice would be respected. Everyone has right to be heard and everyone has right to be listened to. We came together, not because we are all the same, but because we are different, diverse, and only thing uniting us is our desire to solve problems peacefully.

Agarntrop, Aziallis, Assumptaria, Bakyern, Bendan, Bretislavia, Castarilia, Ereska, Fallooplesburg, Gadorien, Gassasinia, Geordinia, Gorabo, Halsuntria, Iwonia, Kentalis, Kistolia, Kiyortza, Mehrava, Mustelaria (both Monte Blanco and Zhousheng), Krenya, New Sarmathia, New Sebronia, Nexalan, Polder Eiland, Prei Meas, San Calia, Shedehnoah, Speke, The Triumvirate (represented by Prybourne) Urusla, Volgingrad & Vescarium

This agreement is seen as the first document ever ratified by the newly founded Anterian World Assembly and serves as a cornerstone for the development of the organization

Organization branches and organs

General Assembly

Every nation has one vote (federations such as The Triumvirate or Mustelaria have vote for each member, unlike the SC) and decide on issues relevant to the AWA.
Currently, once the vote is proposed, nations have 72 hours to cast their vote based on the options.

Binary voting

In binary voting, countries vote either AYE (Approval), NAY (Disapproval) or IDC (Neutrality) on the issue discussed (or, if the vote is a continuation of a previous votem picking from 2 variants). Vote can be ended prematurely if Absolute majority votes in favor or against the proposal. If absolute majority is not reached in 72 hours, neutral votes are excluded and relative majority from the cast votes is picked.

Voting on more options

Voting on more than 2 options is done by approval voting with the option with the most votes is picked after 72 hours (Absolute majority on one vote can of course skip this process prematurely, but voters are reminded to cast their votes so it can be seen if more options reach absolute majority)

Security Council

Security council is a fast-response body of the AWA tasked in reacting swiftly to threads cast on the AWA. Any SC decision can be overturned with absolute majority of votes. Security council consists of 11 seats, 5 of which are permanently filled and the remaining 6 rotate countries regulairly with a 1 additional seat reserved for Greater Velutarian Empire.

Seat owned by Permanency of membership Note
SekideanUnionNoStarsFlag.png Inner Sekidean Union PERMANENT ISU as a whole casts 1 vote, countries must agree on it or vote on it
ThrismariPoliticalUnionFlag.png Coalition of Thrismarian States PERMANENT CTS as a whole casts 1 vote, countries must agree on it or vote on it
 Kasian Union PERMANENT This position is transitional to any country or federation that forms in the area of present-day Aziallis
? PERMANENT ? as a whole casts 1 vote, countries must agree on it or vote on it
Triumvirateflag.png The Triumvirate PERMANENT Triumvirate as a whole casts 1 vote (although it is a federation)
From: November 1st 2020
Until: April 30th 2021
From: November 1st 2020
Until: April 30th 2021
 Shedehnoah TEMPORARY
From: November 1st 2020
Until: April 30th 2021
From: November 1st 2020
Until: April 30th 2021
 Volgingrad TEMPORARY
From: November 1st 2020
Until: April 30th 2021
From: November 1st 2020
Until: April 30th 2021
Gveproposedflag1.png Greater Velutarian Empire RESERVED Seat reserved for the Greater Velutarian Empire in case they decide to join AWA

Security council votes on condemnations, commending and recognition of grassroot governments. Its votes can be questioned and brought to the AWA as a whole and can be overturned by a absolute majority of votes going against the decision made by the Security Council.

Temporary membership

6 seats rotate every 6 months their holders. Holder can be any country that is a member of the World Assembly, except Aziallis or The Triumvirate, which hold a permanent seat in the security council.

IGP within AWA

The IGP is defined as an international peacekeeping and disaster relief organisation. Its missions reach from voluteer humanitarian aid to a full-scale intervention in wars, which are rated on a 3-level-system:

Level 1: Volunteer humanitarian aid workers providing essential aid in the form of food, water, or providing services such as clearing roads or assisting in the construction of shelter for civilians. Applied for countries in great financial need and high poverty, as well as after natural disasters and crises.
Level 2: Sending peacekeeping forces to provide protection to humanitarian aid workers described above, as well as to civilians. These forces would not be directly involved in combat and would only act in self defence or in defence of civilians. Applied for countries in war or civil war, serious insurgencies or other crises that involve excessive violence or even mortal danger.
Level 3: Taking a formal stance on a conflict and dispatching forces to explicitly support a particular side. Applied in such a situation when the hostile party is wholeheartedly against the interests of the civilians and likely is not an actual governmental entity

Members of AWA cannot directly join IGP, but have to apply for membership first, which will be voted on in a democratic procedure by IGP members. The IGP also has its own Security Council (IGPSC), which consists of 3 permanent ( New Sebronia,  Gadorien,  Mustelaria) and 4 monthly-rotating members.

AHO within AWA

Main article: Anterian Health Organization
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AASEC within AWA

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KSNC within AWA[3]

The Krong Sivuk Naval Committee is a committee made up of nations with coastlines with landlocked nations being able to participate as observers. Started originally in the city of Krong Sivuk, Prei Meas to discuss international laws of trade and the sea. As the Naval branch of the AWA the KSNC passes legislation by simple majority on the rights of nations in the sea particularly the Core Nautical Territory and Nautical Economic Zones. The committee is also given the power to enforce laws passed on member states with the use of sanctions and other methods.

UASA within AWA

The United Anterian Space Agency is an organization that was founded for the purpose of space exploration and to make sure there is not one nation with full sovereignty of space. The UASA Governing Council is made up of four (4) founding members who were put in place during the founding to input the legislations.

  1. Organ was created as a response to the Jeseko Nuclear Disaster
  2. See Zhoushi Alphabet
  3. Recommendation: See a publication about this topic made by the United Nations (the real one) →HERE←