Geeint in Blut und Schwur

"Geeint in Blut und Schwur"
Geeint in Blut und Schwur notes 1793.jpg
First manuscripted version of the lyrics as a draft, August 1790

National anthem of  Mascylla
LyricsTheodor Birk
MusicDavid Fallsbecht
Adopted18 September 1793

Geeint in Blut und Schwur (translated to United in Blood and Oath) is the official national anthem of the Crowned Republic of Mascylla. The melody was composed by renowned Fahnicht musician David Fallsbecht in collaboration with the poet Theodor Birk from 1789 to 1792, who shared romantic empathy for their country and intended to declare their loyalty to the monarchy by the anthem, which was ultimately chosen to be the national anthem of the newly unified Mascylla. Due to its creation in the direct aftermath of the War of the Five Kings and the emergence of the Mascyllary Kingdom it has become one of Mascylla's most famous and integral symbols with its flag, coat of arms and motto.

The lyrics of the anthem have received attention and criticism throughout its existence however. Certain aspects were either seen as downplaying real susbstance for nationalistic viewpoints, while other criticized it for being too nationalistic and not contemporary. After the Mascyllary Revolution, the anthem was added with a fourth stanza reflecting the establishment of a democracy and the values and political thesis that were implemented with the power shift. Since 1924, the anthem has not been altered and continues to represent Mascylla, the first phrase having been engraved on Gehlt coins and regarded as the "unofficial motto of the country".


Erste Strophe

Unser Land ist geeint in Blut und Schwur,
Enstanden aus den Ländern, aus den Städten, aus den Menschen
Unseres geeinten Landes!
All uns're Völker zusammen,
Von der Mögd bis an die Delchse,
Wir mögen es bewahren und beschützen, denn
  |: Unser Land, unser Land,
  ist geeint durch Blut und Schwur! :|

Zweite Strophe

Emporgestiegen aus Krieg und Frieden,
Geschmiedet mit Ehre und Stolz,
Steht unser Land stark da!
Entgegen unser's Feindes Schwert,
Bäumen wir auf mit all unserem Mut,
Um das Uns're Land zu bewahren!
Überstehen alles, Überwinden alles, denn
  |: Unser Land, unser Land,
  ist emporgestiegen aus Krieg und Frieden! :|

Dritte Strophe

Die Wälder solln erwachsen, die Berge solln ersteigen,
Und die Wässer solln erfließen!
Die Rehe sollen posaunen, die Bären sollen brüllen,
Das uns're Land nun eins ist!
Den Ackern und den Bergen hoch,
den Nordlicht und den Wäldern tief, denn
  |: Unser Land, unser Land,
  ist wunderbar und wunderschön! :|

Vierte Strophe

Dem und nur dem Maskillischen Volke,
Widmen wir unser 'eintes Land,
Mögen dessen Glanze und Licht
Allen gleich dienen und sein!
Die Fackel uns'res Mutes, uns'rer Werte,
Mögen niemals in der Welt erlischen, denn
  |: Unser Land, unser Land,
  ist gnädig, einig und frei! :|

First stanza

Our land is united in blood and oath,
Created from the lands, the cities, the people,
Of our unified land!
All our peoples together,
From the Mogd to the Delxe,
We may maintain and protect, because
  |: Our land, Our land,
  is united in blood and oath! :|

Second stanza

Risen from war and peace,
Forged from honor and pride,
Our land stands strong!
Against our enemy's sword,
We will rear with all our courage,
To protect our land!
Survive everything, overcome everything, because
  |: Our land, Our land,
  has risen from war and peace! :|

Third stanza

The forests shall grow, the mountains shall climb,
And our rivers shall flow!
The deer shall trumpet, the bears shall roar,
That our land is now one!
The fields and the mountains high,
The polar lights and the forests below, because
  |: Our land, Our land,
  is wonderful and beautiful! :|

Fourth stanza

To and only to the Mascyllary people,
May we dedicate our united land,
May its radiance and light
Serve and be fair to everyone!
The torch of our courage, of our values,
May never in the world extinguish, because
  |: Our land, Our land,
  is gracious, united, and free! :|


Instrumental and abridged version of Geeint in Blut und Schwur