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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Mascylla.

Mascyllasovereign country located on the northern extent of Erdara. It is bordered by the White Sea to the north, the Kyralov Sea to the north-east, Lake Delchse to the south-east, Tudonia to the south, Lilienburg and Lake Sigismund to the south-west, Juznia to the west, and Alriika and the North Sea to the north-west. With a population of over 39 million and an area of more 338,000 square kilometres (130,000 sq mi), it is the most populous and largest country in Erdara.

Mascylla was under the control of the Hesurian empire for hundreds of years and more centuries being fragmented into smaller states. Efforts to resist the rising kingdom of Adwhin eventually led to the expulsion of the Elbgau Confederation from its sphere of influence in the mid-18th century, ensuing into a bitter war. It ended with a victory on behalf of the Confederation, unifying the region and becoming a nation-state in 1793.

Following its unification, Mascylla rose as a regional power and instituted a path towards international integrity. In the Continental War, the Zweibund defended and won the fightings in Erdara, manifesting Tudonia and Mascylla as great powers and partners following the Treaty of Sigairen. Though the nation saw political stability throughout its history, the authoritarian monarchial system was overthrown during the revolution of 1945 and a more democratic government was introduced. In the second half of the 20th century Mascylla witnessed diplomatic and economic growth, culminating in its leading role of Erdaran politics and representation.

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Geography of Mascylla

Geography of Mascylla

  • Mascylla is: a country
  • Location:
    • Northern Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere
    • Erdara
      • Northern Erdara
    • Time zone: UTC+3
    • Extreme points of Mascylla
      • High: Riesenlanze 3,028 m (9,934 ft)
      • Low: Mascyllary coast 0 m
    • Land boundaries: X km
    • Maritime boundaries: X km
    • Coastline: X km
  • Population of Mascylla: 39,260,000
  • Area of Mascylla: 338,424 km2