Foreign relations of Mascylla

Country Status Current state of relations Mutual Embassies Visa Requirement Mascyllary Ambassador Nation's Ambassador to Mascylla
 Biladia Neutral Without much of an interesting history, both nations hold relations with a good manner, largely due to the connection with Tudonia. A economical agreement between both governments lifted up relations, making both countries friendly partners. Yes Yes Linda Heenck Yūnas Kevirī
 Cuirpthe Friendly Mascylla and Cuirpthe enjoy good formal relations with one another, allowing free financial transaction and a sizable economic exchange. Yes Yes Walther Fischerr
 Dreyvisevich Friendly Mascylla and Dreyvisevich, despite their confrontation during the Cold War, were able to review their relations and improve them, beginning in 2010, and since then were able to build a neutral friendship. Yes Yes Dennis Standecker Sergio Hapishinka
 Glanodel Friendly Mascylla and Glanodel enjoy mutually beneficial relations due to shared political interests and strong economic ties. Mascylla is one of the largest buyers of Glanish electronics and nearly 10% of Glanodel's imported food originates from Mascylla. Yes No Bertold Holtger William Petersen
  1. REDIRECT Template:Country data Leidense Republic
Neutral Mascylla and Leiden, though they established diplomatic relations, have been subject to a tangled history with one another. Current disputes over near islands and the distancing of Mascylla from the Leidense-Liidurian sphere of influence interrupted cooperation for a long time. They are however able to work together in manners of trade relations and border patrol. Yes Yes Christoph Lentz Felix Reinout
 Motsvara Neutral No outstanding events have shaped the diplomatic relations with Motsvara, although they agree on trade agreemetns with a friendly manner. Yes Yes August Kämper
Template:Country data Sükhbaatar Neutral No outstanding events have shaped the diplomatic relations with Sükhbaatar yet. Yes Yes Lukas Schellenberg
 Tudonia Friendly Mascylla and Tudonia enjoy a stable friendship, rooted in historic and many cultural ties. Citizens from both nations are allowed to travel freely between the borders, and many trade and infrastructurial agreements tie them economically together. Yes No Peter Kohler Heinrich Schmidt
 Tyronova Friendly Mascylla and Tyronova established a close trading and political relationship. Despite no major or outstanding events that could have shaped the relations, they both enjoy a partnership, especially in terms of free trade and construction projects. Yes No Heinz Seffler Ernst Fritsch
Template:Country data Vynozhia Poor Many incidents regarding shooting down aircraft and the sinking of a submarine during the Cold War era left diplomatic relations between Mascylla and Vynozhia devastated. Aggressive behavior towards the government of Mascylla led to the closure of the embassy in Rhyzevskygrad in 2000, officialy ending formal relations. However, since Thomas Falkner entered the office of the Prime Minister in 2016, relations somehat improved and could open possibilities to reopen embassies between both nations. No Yes - -