Imperial Police (Mascylla)

Imperial Police
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Imperial Police crest
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Imperial Police patch
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Imperial Police flag
Common nameThe Repol, Hauptmann Road
Agency overview
Formed9 November 1816; 203 years ago
Preceding agencies
  • Various regional police forces
  • Reichsgrenzwacht
Employees110,094 in total
95,421 police officers
12,027 police staff
2,646 support staff
Annual budgetӃ25.2 billion
Jurisdictional structure
National agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
Crowned Republic of Mascylla
Operations jurisdictionCrowned Republic of Mascylla
Legal jurisdictionMascylla (national basis)
Governing bodyMinistry of the Realm
General nature
Operational structure
Overviewed byMinistry of the Realm
HeadquartersHauptmann Road, Königsreh
Police officers95,421
Elected officer responsible
  • Sophia Linden
Agency executive
  • Reinhard Obrecht, Comissioner-General
Motor vehicles7,033

The Imperial Police (Reichspolizei or REPOL), informally known as Repol or Hauptmann Road and shortened to Police (Polizei), is the uniformed civil federal police force responsible for law enforcement in Mascylla, subordinated to the Ministry of the Realm (Ministerium des Reiches, MR) of the Crowned Republic. While the country is a devolved federation of states, its police is the only centralized and unified agency body on a national level of the government. Special police agencies under the administration of the States are referred to as the Länderoffiziergarde (lit. State Officer Guard). It was founded in 1816 through the merger of the States's separate police forces and the Reichsgrenzwacht, the nation's border protection agency. The agency is headquartered in Königsreh and maintains 1,014 stations nationwide.

As a national agency, it holds significant responsibilities, such as co-ordinating and leading counter-terrorism affairs in compliance with the DSA, protecting the Monarch and its family and members of the Cabinet, and others when deemed necessary. It is also used for protecting and policing Mascylla's foreign embassies and consulates, airports, rail stations, government facilities and buildings as well as effecting law enforcement and social order throughout the country. It is also responsible for border control. As of April 2019, Impol counted 110,094 personnel in total, 95,421 police officers, 12,027 police staff, and an additional 2,646 support staff members.

The operational leader of the agency is the Comissioner-General, being responsible and accountable to the Queen, the Ministry of the Realm and the Lords-minister of the States. The post of Comissioner-General is currently served by Reinhard Obrecht since 2017.