Great Bank of Mascylla

Great Bank of Mascylla
Maskillische Großbank
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Logo and shield of the Great Bank
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Bank headquarters "Bankensäule"
HeadquartersEberhardstraße, Flussmund, Mascylla
Established17 February 1856; 164 years ago
PresidentHannah Weile
Central bank ofthe Crowned Republic of Mascylla
CurrencyMascyllary Karning
KN, Ӄ (ISO 4217)
Bank rate0.35%

The Great Bank of Mascylla (Hesurian: Maskillische Großbank, also known by its predecessor name Reichsbank der Gekrönten Republik) is the central bank of the Crowned Republic of Mascylla. Established on 17 February 1856, it served to unify the nation's monetary systems after its foundation and to centralize control over the national economy under the Government of Mascylla; the bank was retained through the Mascyllary Revolution and under the Crowned Republic since 1924. Though it is a private company in essence, the Mascyllary government owns seven-eighth of the bank as an official stockholder and is thus practically nationalised. The bank is recognized as an independent public organisation since 1878; while private people are allowed to buy stocks from the Great Bank, and the Board of Commission of the bank able to operate separatly, the Reichsrat can dictate its monetary policy and set rough principles by which the company can orientate.

The Great Bank has a variety of duties, such as being authorised to issue banknotes and meld coins as the sole institution in Mascylla, regulating bank activities, supervising and ensuring financial stability as a macroprudential regulator, and providing financial substitution and aid for national government agencies and official international organisations. As such, it sparsely maintains public services, though it operates daughter companies that provide consumer services, such as exchanging old banknotes, normal bank and insurance abilities, and other.

The headquarters of the Great Bank is in Flussmund's main financial district, specifically the Bankensäule tower since 1965. Three other locations and offices of the bank are located in Königsreh, Augusthal and Lannbrück respectively and serve to achieve representation to economically crucial areas and to maximize physical supervision.

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