Mascyllary people

Regions with significant populations
c. 42–50 million worldwide
 Mascylla32,946,813 (2017)
 Krumlau780,000 (2018)
 Finstria435,500 (2019)
 Lilienburg13,965 (2018)
Primarly Hesurian (and other Hesurianic languages)
Mostly Cathartic Ditanist
(various Ditanist denominations)

The Mascyllary people or Mascyllary (Hesurian: Maskillier) are an Hesurian ethnic group native to northern Erdara, who all share linguistic relations through speaking the Hesurian language, but partially also their decendants and biological relatives. Mascyllary are the titular nation of the Crowned Republic of Mascylla, its political predecessors and before that the Mascyllary Kingdom. Legally, all persons with Mascyllary nationality or citizenship are politically "Mascyllary".

The ethnic group is geographically centered around the northern Erdara region, encompassing 32 million people in Mascylla. An additional 1.3 million Mascyllary live in Krumlau, Finstria and Lilienburg together; it is estimated that another 15 million people of the ethnicity are located in Cardish and Hallanic nations, though the number is considerably variable due to the criteria used to distinguish between Mascyllary of partial or direct ancestry or native speaking. Though Mascyllary are internationally recognized as an ethnic group, it is difficult to define the group as it shares the same languages with other such as the Finstrians or Krumlovians who however subscribe to being ethnically different; this has evoked ethnologists to suggest an "Hesurian ethnic group" uniting all its native speakers and ethnicities, though this model has not received much attention.