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Honorific Titles of Anteria

An honorific is a title that conveys esteem or respect for position or rank when used in addressing or referring to a person. Sometimes, the term "honorific" is used in a more specific sense to refer to an honorary academic title. It is also often conflated with systems of honorific speech in linguistics, which are grammatical or morphological ways of encoding the relative social status of speakers.





  • His/Her Most Affluent - The Grand Nagus Title noting the individuals esteem as the top of the wealth chain
  • His/Her Esteemed Magnate - Title for executive members of the National Conglomerate of Prybourne like the First Clerk, Grand Proxy and members of the Head Executives Board.
  • His/Her Tycoonship - Superintendents, Proprietors, members of the Conglomerate
  • Mogul - a mark of esteem for a person of personal, social or official distinction; primarily in business.


  • Emperor of the Zeevolk - A title bestowed upon the head of the House of Hamlet, it harkens back to the old Neuew belief that the Hamlets are the rightful heirs of the final Zeevolk Dynasty, and therefore continue to remain the Emperors of the Zeevolk. The spouse is typically given the title "Monarch of Neuhamlet", and the other members of the house typically have titular counties as a title, such as "Burgrave of Nurdensee."


  • Mr. President
  • Mr. Vice-President
  • Mr. Prime-Minister
  • Mr. Vice-Prime minister
  • Mr. Chief Executive
  • Mr. Vice Chief Executive


  • His Highness, by the Grace of God Grand Duke of Whitmarche
  • The Prince-Margrave of Whitmarche - The heir apparent of Whitmarche.
  • Prince-Landgrave/Princess-Landgravine of Whitmarche


  • His/Her Majesty the King/Queen - prefix for the Monarch of Geordinia. E.g. His Majesty, King Aleksandr IV of Geordinia. The term 'royal' is exchanged for 'imperial' when in crown dependencies and overseas territories.
  • His/Her Royal Highness the Crown Prince(ss) / the Prince(ss) - prefix for the Crown Prince(ss), Princes and Princesses of Geordinia. E.g. Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Victoria. The term 'royal' is exchanged for 'imperial' when in crown dependencies and overseas territories.
  • The Right Honourable - prefix for members of the Privcy Council such as the Statsminister, Cabinet Ministers, Supreme Court Justices and Governors
  • The Honourable - prefix for members of the House of Representatives and Senate, Judges other than those on the Federal and Provincial Supreme Courts and members of the provincial executive governments
  • His/Her Excellency - prefix granted to foreign ambassadors and government officials
  • His/Her Grace - prefix for Dukes / Duchesses in the Nobility of Geordinia and for the Archbishop of the Church of Geordinia
  • His/Her Lordship - prefix for Earls / Countesses, Viscounts / Viscountessess and Barons / Baronesses in the Nobility of Geordinia


  • Great and Supreme Leader - official for the current Supreme Leader of Sharkdonia when in formal or international events.
  • Great and Supreme Emperor, by the honor of Kharistrisis, leader of the known world - Official title for the current Emperor of the Sharkdonian Empire, if it has been formed. Used historically by the emperors of the Old Sharkdonia Empire, such as Julius Builder.



  • Mr./Mrs. President - Title used for the President of Austilos
  • Mr./Mrs. Vice President - Title used for the Vice President of Austilos