Airlines of Anteria

Below you will see a list of Anterian Airlines, from international to regional

Rank Airline ICAO Million Passengers (2019) Year Established Notes
TBA AeroWays,  Bakyern AEWY 98.9 1953 TBA
TBA Bak Airways,  Bakyern BARW 76.4 1971 TBA
TBA United Federal Airlines,  Bakyern UNFA 67.9 1929 Formerly Royal Bak Airlines, owned by the Executive Department of Transportation & Motorways as a budget airline.
TBA Imperial Airlines,  Canton River Delta ISA 95.2 1921 Imperial Airlines is CRD's oldest and largest airline.
TBA Buwan Royal Airlines,  Canton River Delta BRA 32.4 1957 TBA
TBA Jeskalinnenburg Express,  Ereska JBE 32.8 1945
TBA EreskAir,  Ereska ERA 22.1 1955
TBA Halsuntrian Airuays,  Halsuntria HLS 43.76 1937 The biggest of Halsuntria's three airlines, it operates most of the international flights into Halsuntria.
TBA Unity Airlines,  Halsuntria UNT 19.82 1975 The main domestic airline of Halsuntria operating flights to 8 airports
TBA Halsuntrian Konnekt  Halsuntria ILC 3.0 2003 Operates flights to the most remote areas of Halsuntria
TBA Lumian Air,  Iwonia LA 1.2 2001
TBA Aresov Air,  Kentalis ARA 21.6 1971 Second largest airline in Kentalis.
TBA Kentalian International Airlines,  Kentalis KA 52.6 1919 Oldest (Still operating) Airline in Anteria.
TBA Kentasi Airways,  Kentalis KAW 22.6 1931
TBA Desfoort Air,  Kentalis DEA 12.4 1989
TBA Protises Airlines,  Kentalis PRA 17.8 1944
TBA St. Willemsburg Air,  Kentalis SWA 2.6 1999
TBA AeroLines,  Kistolia AL 30.83 1947 Oldest Airline in Kistolia. Biggest Airline in Kistolia. Also Known as A'iroLat∫a
TBA Eta Airlines,  Kistolia EA 23.9 1976 Also kown as Oeda A'iro
TBA South Kiyortza Airlines,  Kiyortza AKR 142.8 1941 Also known as Aitish Kiyortza Rintadja.
TBA Lorzikin,  Kiyortza LZK 136.5 1926
TBA Djinatri Airlines,  Kiyortza JTR 72.3 1962 Also known as Djinatri Rintadja.
TBA Kanitzuri Airlines,  Kiyortza KNY 57.4 1970 Also known as Kanitzuri Rintadja.
TBA Alaris Airways,  New Sebronia ALA 158.4 1944 (Probably) one of the most dominating airlines in Thuadia and beyond, with reasonable prices and high safety standarts.
TBA FairAir,  New Sebronia FAAI 78.1 2001 Cheap and somewhat reliable airlines for the ones not wanting to spend much money, typical budget airline, and also not the safest.
TBA Haæstre Express Airlines,  New Sebronia HAEX 56.2 1990 Mostly continental flights and to northern Thrismari, holds a share of 6.23% on Alaris Airways.
TBA Ari Luxury,  New Sebronia ALX 17.7 2004 Luxury Airline with high prices, making it affordable only for people of the upper class. Very safe and reliable.
TBA airMersey,  Speke MSY 35.2 1986 Speke's Largest airline, which offers budget services for short-haul flights along with International routes.
TBA slavicAir,  Speke SLV 4.0 1997 Regional Airline offering flights to Speke cities and nearby countries for low prices.
TBA 5air,  Speke 5ER 10.9 1990 Budget services for as low as 5ACU, Parent company of slavicAir.
TBA Layfet Air,  Layfet LAYF TBD 1939 the largest airline in Layfet
TBA Eastern Airways,  Layfet EAST TBD 1948 Layfet's largest entirely private airline.
TBA Air Aestas,  Layfet ASTS TBD 1994 Layfetian Budget Airline
TBA Paisi Airlines,  Layfet PAIS TBD 2001 Budget Airline that serves Merredonne only. It was bought by BeselWays Airlines in November, 2020
TBA Királyi Légutak, Screenshot 2021-03-04 085120.png Lyonheimer KILE 28.3 2003 One of the most used Thrismari airliners
TBA Gotaish Airlines,  Blechingia GOT 46.8 1927