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Anterian World Wonders

Anteria is full of sites of impressive human development and natural beauty. This list compiles some of the Anterian World Wonders.


Name Picture Nation Built
Newclodagh Irelands history.jpg  Blechingia 3250 BC
Lighthouse of Al-Xandaria Leuchtturm von Alexandria.png Flagofnorthmemea.png North Memea 410-400BCE
El Castillo de Kabáh Chichen-itza.jpg Flag Gran Rugido New (1).png Gran Rugido 400-500AD
Taza Coliseum Surablanca.png Oo71w46dhu131.png Abbara 905AD
Gerkoller Imperial Palace Kyotogosho20189.jpg Flag of Hoterallia.png Hoterallia 1450
Statue of Christ the Saviour Cristo Redentor.jpg New gavrilia 410999.png Gavrilia 1931