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Airports of Anteria

Below you will see a list of Anterian Airports, from large to small (as in Million Passagers transported per year, 2019)

Rank Airport IATA Million Passagers (2019) Year Established Notes
25 Inigo Hetoi International Airport,  Pelostan IGH 18.9 Increase 2000 The only airport in Pelostan, located on Libos island. IGH.jpg
TBA Haæstre International Airport,  New Sebronia HAT 100.3 1958 Largest airport in New Sebronia, got a new terminal building in 2016, which gave it the nickname "Starport"
TBA Lorzik Nikafsha International Airport,  Kiyortza ZNK 91.6 1966
5 Kentasi Horlet International airport,  Kentalis KHIA 83.2 1916 (Military)
1926 (Civilian)
TBA Havenstæt Deimeka International,  New Sebronia HDE 78.6 1970
TBA Fukivapi Lorinszya International Airport,  Kiyortza FUK 69.4 1940
TBA Den Edeldec South Airport,  New Sebronia DES 69.0 1927
TBA Saluntberg-Paylel International Airport,  Halsuntria SLB 64.2 1940 The largest airport of Halsuntria
TBA Kanistriy-Si'itivu Klorin International Airport,  Kiyortza KLR 55.7 1953
TBA Kittalor-Kitaki International Airport,  Kiyortza KKT 51.9 1921
TBA Noriyaka-Katyu International Airport,  Kiyortza NKY 43.4 1945
TBA Belmirets Arskut International Airport,  Halsuntria 43.0 1965
TBA Sivordjika-Pakhshi International Airport,  Kiyortza SJP 40.7 1972
TBA Låara International Airport,  New Sebronia LRA 37.5 1970
TBA Pashkya Isaryi International Airport,  Kiyortza PII 31.9 1932
TBA Ifuksiyaf Sarvis International Airport,  Kiyortza IFS 26.4 1943
TBA Daiza Kilashvi International Airport,  Kiyortza DZK 23.0 1969
TBA Navæbariken Airport ,  New Sebronia NBA 21.7 1989
TBA Den Edeldec North Aiport,  New Sebronia DEN 21.5 1969
TBA Merseyside International Airport,  Speke MIA 15.9 2000
TBA Feriben-Navæstæt Commercial Airport,  New Sebronia FEN 10.2 1951 (Military)
2001 (Civilian)
TBA Saikabarge City Airport,  New Sebronia SAI 7.9 1990
TBA Injonis City Airport,  New Sebronia INJ 5.2 2003
TBA Kwiecien International,  Speke KWIE 5.2 1984
TBA Outer Merseyside Airport,  Speke OMA 4.3 1995
TBA Kensington Airport,  Speke KENS 0.9 1984 Closing in 2021 (Replaced by Merseyside International due to construction on a new terminal and 2 runways
6 Judapest International Airport, Screenshot 2021-03-04 085120.png Lyonheimer JDPI 81.1 1982
8 Or Peretz International Airport,  Yryel OPR 76.0 1974 Largest airport in Yryel, Located in Tel Elon
21 Inon Shalom International Airport,  Yryel INI 23.0 1968 Located in Lod
TBA Prince Einar Mikkle Andersson International Airport,  Blechingia PEN 19.8 2006
  • Replaced Malmö International, as it was becoming old and outdated.
  • Second Largest airport in Blechingia
TBA Daragas International Airport,  Taunux DAG 25.4 1979
TBA Harelas City Airport,  Taunux HCX 7.1 2005