Conscription in Anteria

     There is no current standing army
     There is a standing army, but service is voluntary
     Service is compulsory de-jure, but is either not enforced or has been suspended
     Service is compulsory, but conscription lasts for 12 months or less
     Service is compulsory, and conscription lasts for over 12 months

Key Country/Autonomous Region Year last implemented Year abolished Length Applies to both genders? Notes
 Agarntrop 1727 (revised in 1922) N/A Varies Yes Although largely inherited from Neuew law, the Agarn system of conscription is derived from the Compulsory Service Act 1922, passed under the First Republic, which states that conscription shall by default not usually be in effect however may be invoked by executive action of the President in times of crisis or emergency, and may result in any number of individuals (originally defined as only males, however this was expanded to include females by the Staute Modifications Act 1978) aged between 18 and 30 deemed fit for service being conscripted for any period of time not exceeding 48 months. It was last invoked in 2011 for a period of 9 months where 20,000 were conscripted in response to a series of domestic terror attacks in February of that year that killed over 600 people known as "Black Saturday."
 Aziallis 1692 N/A 24 months Yes Stuff about it
 Canton River Delta 1621 N/A 14 months Yes In CRD conscription is still compulsory for both genders. You can choose between care or the army but it is mandatory to do it for 14 months. everyone at the age of 18 must do the 14 months.
 Encessia 1411 1994 N/A N/A Conscription in Encessia was outlawed in 1994 with the new constitution's protections on civil rights, however this law is able to be suspended in dire needs or emergencies.
 Ganji Islands 1960 N/A 15 months No Conscription is compulsory for men, but for women it's voluntary. 14% of the women choose to serve in the army. Usually people serve when they finish their secondary or tertiary education, usually at 18-24 years old.
 Gassasinia 1899 1977 N/A N/A Conscription abolished by the Defence Force Act 1977.
Conscription reached its' height in 1973, during the guerrilla war between far-right and far-left paramilitaries.
 Halsuntria 1893 N/A 9 months Yes Implemented in the Militant Act of 1893, all citizens must enlist for 9 months at any point between 18 and 26 years of age. There were many pushes to abolish the act, mostly by feminists thinking that women should be an exception to the rule, but they have resulted in naught for obvious reasons.
 Iwonia 1925 N/A 30 months Yes Females are not allowed for combat, only for medical and cooking. Men can be exempt altogether if they have a Master's Degree in Engineering but can volunteer for 18 months.
 Kistolia 1687 (Establishment) 2021 N/A N/A Conscription has exsisted in Kistolia since it's establishment in 1687. The law has been revised many times. Somewhere between ages 18-21 you would get a conscription letter, unless you planned on going to University, in which you would be allowed to delay the conscription until completion of the planned degree. Once the degree has been completed you would serve 12 months in the military. The practice was banned for a short time in 2020, but it was reinstated the same year, then permanantly banned in January 2021.
 Layfet 1873 N/A N/A N/A Conscription was only mandatory during the Layfetian Revolutionary War and was abolished shortly after the war. Freedom from Conscription is guaranteed by the Layfetian Constitution.
 Mehrava 1985 N/A 36 months Yes All males of Mehrava are required to enlist in the Armed Forces as soon as they reach the age of 18, exceptions for disabled individuals only.
 Nerany 1954 N/A 10 months Yes N/A
 Neuewland 1706 N/A Varies Yes Conscription is not usually in effect, but during times of emergency, the Plutocratic council instates a conscription law which conscripts up to 10% of the Neuew population, randomly selected among all adults between 16 to 40, into the military, usually to be used as filler for the spaztverces and landarbeiters to work alongside of. This law dates all the way back to the early 1700s, when the Merchant Princes of Neuewland began consolidating the islands that composed the de jure High Kingdom of Neuewland.
 Paslin 1950 N/A 24 months Yes Conscription is in effect; however, Paslin has kept a small army, and instead usually trains the recruits, so they can be ready to be called up and go through training much quicker should the need arise. All civilians aged 16 to 42 have to undergo conscription unless they don't have citizenship yet.
 Qazhshava 1919 N/A 14 months Yes It is a Qazhshavan's duty at age 18 to serve his/her motherland. Only exceptions in conscription are made to certain criminals, priests, monks and people who's disabilities prevent them from serving. Both men and women are conscripted, they get basic training, such as gunhandling, and women are taught for nurses and field medics.
 Sacrofnia 1620 N/A 15 months Yes "The workouts are harder than any battlefield"
 Tiskaiya 1588 1958 N/A N/A Tiskaiya enforced a conscription of 9 months for men until 1958, the military then abolished the conscription. Though in times of war a draft can still be called, every man and woman from the ages of 17-45 are subject to the draft.
 Toubaze 1873 N/A 3-6 months Yes Conscription is layed out in the 1873 Constitution and is compulsory for all genders of a certain age, the age has differed for many decades but has been 18 years of age since 2015. Women have the option to take a 3 month service with the option to also the take 6 month service that is required for men. The citizen would get a ticket in the mail and the numbers are announced on National TV and Radio, if your ticket is in the number range you are to be Conscripted and must present at a location which is further specified on the broadcast, this is the modern system of Conscription in Toubaze.
Viha 859365.png Viha 1927 N/A 6 months No N/A
 Whitmarche 1799 N/A 12 months No TBA
 Wolfgalia 1961 N/A 12 months Yes Wolfgalian military training and service is mandatory for a period of one year, accepted any time between the ages of 18 and 24 for all citizens. This owes mostly to the smaller size and more skill oriented focus of the military and the Galea belief that all people should be able to defend themselves in any circumstance, be it life-threatening or trivial.
Screenshot 2021-03-04 085120.png Lyonheimer N/A N/A N/A N/A Conscription has never been recorded to have been in place in Lyonheimer throughout the nations history.
  • Layfet was not a recognized nation at the time.