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Inner Sekidean Union

De facto standard[1]
Anthem:For the nations, strong together
President:Ladimir Chepichkik
Vice president:Wu Chang
Established:1 January 2012
Capital:Gimyeong, Prei Meas
Official languages:
Minority languages:
GDP per capita:TBD
Time zoneUTC-7 ; UTC-6 ; UTC-5 ; UTC-41/2 ; UTC-4 ; UTC-3 ; UTC-2
Driving sideright

Currently, 8 countries of the Sekidean Union integrate closer into a political union, named the Inner Sekidean Union. Present day members are Canton River Delta, Gadorien, Great Golden Raj, Kentalis, Mustelaria (inside ISU, Monte Blanco and Zhousheng act as independent countries), Prei Meas and Torvon.


Folowing values were agreed upon by the Inner Union as universal within the Cooperative Sekidean Treaty of unified values with their interpretation:

  • Democracy is the only way to ensure a country with citizen's rights
    ➾ Democracy is upheld as an only agreeable system
  • Every person, citizen or not, has a right to seek freedom
    Freedom of movement is upheld
  • Every citizen has a right to hold any belief and act upon it as long as it doesn't break laws
    Freedom of speech is upheld
  • Nobody can be prosecuted for their religious belief as long as they do not force it upon others
    Freedom of religion is upheld
  • The purpose of the country is a well-being of as many their citizens as possible
    ➾ Country's purpose is quality of life improvement
  • Presumption of innocence is a basic pillar for a fair judicial system
    Presumption of innocence is upheld as a principle
  • Nationality is directly tied to how do you feel, not to the language you speak
    National identity is linked to each's feeling, not language or race
  • Long-time survival plans, such as climate change reversal, are more important than immediate quality of life improvement
    ➾ Observed threats should be treated by priority, not by the current situation
  • Radical political groups should be censored once they start encouraging illegal actions
    Freedom of the press is subservient to the safety of the populace
  • Learning from the past is important for nation to avoid many crises in the future
    Historical causality could be overcome with education


From interpretations, following rights are all included in the Inner Sekidean law system:

List of Sekidean Union treaties and documents

Name of the treaty Year OSU ISU
The Sekidean Charter 1992 Obligatory
The caliber treaty 1997 Voluntary Obligatory
Retrospective 2011
The First Amendment 2002 Obligatory
Dokodo Cooperation Treaty 2003 Suspended[2]
Retrospective 2016
Retrospective 2016
Open border agreement 2007 Voluntary
Retrospective 2011
Cooperation Doctrine 2010 Voluntary
Retrospective 2011
Court Clause 2010 Voluntary
No influence
Parliament Clause 2011 Restricted[3] Obligatory
Council Clause 2011 Restricted[4] Obligatory
Sekizone Treaty 2012 Restricted Obligatory
Sekidean Space Program 2017 Restricted Voluntary
Sekidean Doctrine 2017 Restricted Voluntary


Inner Sekidean Union shares main organs:

Name of the organ: Location of the building: Function of the building: Photo of the building:
Sekidean Treaty Court Cape Cotesmin, Torvon Court responsible for control of the upholding of the Sekidean Charter SekideanTreatyCourt.jpg
Sekidean Parliament Gimyeong, Prei Meas Lower House of the Union SekideanParliament.jpg
Sekidean Council Tropponz, Grad Autonomy, Zhousheng, Mustelaria Upper House of the Union SekideanCouncil.jpg
Sekidean Central Bank Polácica, Kentalis Sekinar control commission SekideanCentralBank.png
Sekidean High Court Colonia, Gadorien Supreme court for all ISU countries SekideanCourt.jpg
Main military HQ Shahar, Great Golden Raj Main military HQ and coordination HQ in the peace time (there are 5 backup HQs spread on classified locations across the SU). HQ is responsible for organization of SU-wide military exercises SekideanMilitaryHQ.jpg
Bureau for Foreign Affairs Canton, Canton River Delta Main foreign affairs cooperation organ SU Bureau for Foreign Affairs.png

Sekidean Parliament

Sekidean Parliament members are voted by a general public elections in every nation at once every 4 years. The parliament is consisting of 500 seats and is distributed by population (note: low-population countries, such as Gadorien get more MEPs per 100,000 people than high-population countries, such as Canton River Delta. This system works the way, that each country gets 20 seats by default (those are subtracted from the 500), and the rest of the 500 seats is distributed proportionally.

The Parliament seats national distribution

Color Country Number of seats Shanghou/Purple/Unaffiliated Citizens per seat Value of vote to average vote value[6]
#00B0F0  Zhousheng (Mustelaria) 43 8.6% Shanghou Pact 3,465,116 ppl/rep 0.941:1
#92D050  Monte Blanco (Mustelaria) 41 8.4% Shanghou Pact 3,341,463 ppl/rep 0.976:1
#FFC000  Prei Meas 53 10.6% Purple Community Shanghou Pact 4,075,472 ppl/rep 0.800:1
#7030A0 GGRFlag.png Great Golden Raj 56 11.2% Purple Community 4,125,000 ppl/rep 0.791:1
#C00000  Kentalis 29 5.8% Unaffiliated 2,206,897 ppl/rep 1.478:1
#E46C0A  Canton River Delta 152 30.4% Purple Community 5,703,947 ppl/rep 0.572:1
#002060  Gadorien 28 5.6% Shanghou Pact 2,035,714 ppl/rep 1.602:1
#00B050  Torvon 31 6.2% Unaffiliated 2,322,581 ppl/rep 1.404:1
#00FFF0  Kistolia 35 7% Unaffiliated 2,771,429 ppl/rep 1.177:1
#CBA075  Qazhshava 32 6.4% Unaffiliated 2,562,500 ppl/rep 1.273:1

Sekidean Council

Sekidean Council members are appointed by each nation's governments every 5 years. Every country gets 3 appointees, every official autonomy gets 1. There is a total of 3 votes required to veto a proposal. Sekidean Council serves to protect national interests, not political agenda.

The Council seats national distribution

Every member country gets 3 seats, while every recognized autonomy gets 1 seat[7]

Color Country/autonomy Number of seats Shanghou/Purple/Unaffiliated
#00B0F0  Zhousheng (Mustelaria) 3 Shanghou Pact
GradFlag.png Grad Autonomy
StorvanFlag.png Storvan Autonomy
2 Autonomies
1 Autonomies
#92D050  Monte Blanco (Mustelaria) 3 Shanghou Pact
#FFC000  Prei Meas 3 Purple Community Shanghou Pact
PhnomFlag.png Phnom Autonomy 1 Autonomies
#7030A0 GGRFlag.png Great Golden Raj 3 Purple Community
Religious autonomy 1 Autonomies
#C00000  Kentalis 3 Unaffiliated
EreskaAutonomyFlag.png Ereskaneese Autonomy 1 Autonomies
#E46C0A  Canton River Delta 3 Purple Community
KanarFlag.png Kanar Autonomy 1 Autonomies
#002060  Gadorien 3 Shanghou Pact
LouzeniFlag.png Duchy of Louzeni
VelhariaFlag.png Duchy of Velharia
2 Autonomies
#00B050  Torvon 3 Unaffiliated
#00FFF0  Kistolia 3 Unaffiliated
Pecian Flag.png Pecian Autonomy 1 Autonomies
#CBA075  Qazhshava 3 Unaffiliated
Lakkatha flag.png Lakkathan Autonomy
KodinFlag.png Kodin Autonomy
Lozhai Autonomy
Flag of Interslavic.svg Sredna Gora Autonomy
Varnoalan Autonomy
Padlian Islands flag.png Padlian Islands Autonomy
6 Autonomies
Note: The Check (✔) and Cross (❌) denote the ability to veto a proposal on their own. A total of 3 negatives are required overall to veto a motion

Sekidean Central Bank

Organ controlling economic situation reported by 7 national ministries of finance (in case of Mustelaria, federal ministry is responsible for reporting on both Zhousheng and Monte Blanco

Sekidean High Court

Organ responsible for enforcing the rule of law in the Inner Union

Sekidean military HQ

Organ responsible for cooperation in equiping, arming, training and excercising of the Inner Sekidean Union. Highest headquarters for all Sekidean Union members (including the Outer Union) in case of a war

Sekidean Bureau for Foreign Affairs

Organ responsible for coordinating foreign relations of the Inner Union.

Other ISU programmes


SPASEK, an acronym for "Space Sekidean" is a association of Mustelarian (ZASO), Gadori, Kental (KBSF), Preimeai and Canton-Rajan space programmes.

  1. The Inner Union uses a modified version of the flag without stars, symbolizing the unity of the Inner Union. This flag is de facto used even by official organs, but has not been recognized as of 2021
  2. Agreed obligatory information sharing and cooperation with the Dokodo Union was suspended after Aenglicia's entry into DU
  3. Observer seats given to all Sekidean countries, with special seats for Sekidean Supereme Court, Dokodo Union and Kasian Union. Outer Sekidean Union Countries get one seat to see the process, but get no vote
  4. Observer seats given to all Sekidean countries. Outer Sekidean Union Countries get one seat to see the process, but get no vote
  5. Many of those theories use them as a show of proof of a incoming New World Order
  6. Written as "x:1", where x is the value of the vote of the said country. That means, that if x=1, the vote from the said country would have average power. If x<1, the vote has a smaller value than average, if x>1, the vote has a bigger value. If x=1.8, average vote from the said country would be worth 1.8 average votes
  7. Prei Meas refused to give autonomous seats to Phau and Minean autonomies, as both of those are too decentralized to have effective representation and due to the clan nature of both autonomies, representation might result in infighting in the regions