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List of Anteria States with Limited Recognition

A number of polities have declared independence and sought diplomatic recognition from the international community as de jure sovereign states, but have not been universally recognised as such. These entities often have de facto control of their territory. A number of such entities have existed in the past.

Name Declared Status Other claimants Further information
Genterra 1994 Genterra is recognized by: No One Genterra is recognized as a Department in Halsuntria  Halsuntria claims that Genterra is part of their country.
 Kjaw 2017 Kjaw is recognized by:
 Ganji Islands
Viha 859365.png Viha
Kjaw is recognized as an autonomous state in Ganji Islands.  Ganji Islands still claims that Kjaw is a part of their country
Guurissia 2020 Guurissia is recognized by: No one Guurissia is recognized as a vassal region within Neuewland Neuewland still claims that Guurissia is a part of their country
Pauaua 2020 Pauaua is recognized by:


Pauaua is recognized as an autonomous state in Grangua. Grangua still claims that Pauaua is a part of their country