Ardgan Declaration

The Ardgan Declaration
Original titleThe Ardgan Declaration on the Furthering of Human Rights
Ratified8 Jun 1940
Date effective8 Jun 1940
Author(s)Foxomexra, original signatories, and private human rights organizations
Media typePrinted Document
SubjectHuman Rights

The Ardgan Declaration is a formal treaty expanding guarantees of Human Rights within Anteria. The document outlines things deemed to be basic rights, such as the right to education, women's equality, and the rights of workers. The document has been deemed controversial in some states, such as Hadian. Currently, there are 21 signatories including Foxomexra, Zhousheng, and Encessia.

The document was originally ratified on the 8th of June, 1940. At the time, it only had 7 signatories. Since then, it has gathered an additional 14 signatories, the most recent being The Federation of Mustelaria.

While there are no legal repercussions for entities that violate these rights, the document has laid the framework for several subsequent documents enforcing similar rights. Further, the document has been translated into every National Language in Anteria, and then some, making it one of the most translated documents in the world. The declaration has largely affected countries that have had former issues with human rights or worker's rights, primarily by using the document as justification for intervention.

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