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Legal Systems in Anteria

List of national legal systems in Anteria

     Civil law
     Common law
     Customary/Religious Law

Nation Legal system Details
 Albithica Bijuridical/Mixed Albithica's legal system is a mix between Common and Civil law. Codified law takes a higher precedence than previous court decisions in many legal cases on the local level. However, those who are found guilty can appeal their sentence to the respective Grand Court, which makes their decisions to overturn a guilty sentencing primarily based upon prior Grand Court appeals. The Supreme Court operates entirely upon a common law system, creating precedence with their prior decisions and rulings.
 Aziallis Bijuridical/Mixed I'm sure we have so dumb system in place which I am yet to flesh out. All I know is that it's a mixed system.
 Gassasinia Common Law The Gassasinian legal system is based upon Anglophone Common Law traditions, a remnant of the country's colonial protectorate past.
 Gabrielland Bijuridical/Mixed The Gabrielt legal system is a mix between Civil and Customary law. Guilty people have the option for their case to be tried against the law in a higher court. The concept of "Innocent until proven guilty" is applied on all courts. Judges are free to use their own common sense whenever a loophole occurs.
 Halsuntria Bijuidicial/Mixed The Halsuntrian legal system uses a mix of Common Law and Civil law. The Halsuntrian Constitution comes into play as well as traditional Halsuntrian means in court and other legal bodies throughout Halsuntria.
 Hatstheput Civil Law The Hatstheputian legal system is based on a radical originalist-cognitivist variant of Civil Law. As such, judges are constitutionally prohibited from creating legislation in any way and must interpret legal codes in a rigorously formalistic manner. In order to enforce this "golden rule" of the Hatstheputian Foral Carta, judges are named independently from any political body. However, the monarch of Hatstheput preserves the prerogative to overturn any decisions adopted by judges at wll.
 Kilowatt Bijuridical/Mixed The Kilowattian legal system is based upon a mixture of both civil and common law traditions. Not only do Kilowattian judges interpret the law, they also make the law to an extent, insofar as their decisions act as precedent for future cases.
 Layfet Common Law The Layfetian legal system is based upon common law traditions.
Ludviska Civil Law Ludviska's Legal System is governed by Civil Law.
 Prybourne Civil Law Prybourne's Legal System is all based within the Prybourne Bill of Opportunities and Rules of Acqusition. with the power of enforcement and prosecution handled primarily by the Prybourne Commerce Authority.
Viha 859365.png Viha Bijuridical/Mixed The Vihish legal system is all in one document, the Constitution of Viha.
Screenshot 2021-03-04 085120.png Lyonheimer Civil Law Lyonheimer's Legal System is governed by Civil Law