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Smoking laws in Anteria

     National Smoke-free laws
     No known laws

Country Description
 Albithica Smoking is prohibited in all buildings. Minimum age for smoking is 18 years. All smoking tobacco products are required to have a clearly visible label that details the harmful effects of smoking. Non-smoking tobacco products are banned.
 Aziallis Smoking is prohibited in all public spaces and privately owned property which caters to the public such as cafes, hotels, airports and institutions.
Smoking in residential areas is also strictly regulated and one cannot smoke within the confines of the individual's house as well.
All public access places are supposed to have at least one properly exhausted smoking room, the use of which isn't madated by the state to be free, but the guidelines hope for it to have free access, meaning that institutions may charge for the use of the said room. All residential buildings are also supposed to have a smoking room of that kind. The smoking room is supposed to have a constantly functioning exhaust to prevent accumilation of smoke and cataytic roofs which prevent envronmental effects.
Minimum age for smoking is 18 years.
All tobacco products are required to have a clearly visible label that details the harmful effects of smoking, with the State mandating a graphic image of the health consequences of tobacco covering at least 40% of the package on all 4 sides.
Tobacco attracts a NET of 140% over a GST of 28%.
Being caught smoking in public is classified as a Level 3 offence while being caught smoking in a house with minors living in it or an istitution with a proximity of 100 meters to minors is classified as a Level 5 offence.
 Bendan Tobacco consumption can be restricted in restaurants, hotels, shops. Minimum age for tobacco consumption is 18 years.
 Gabrielland Tobacco not regulated by the government, no minimum age of smoking.
 Ganji Islands The last smoke-free laws in Ganji Islands were abolished in 2021 as part of the #GanjiFreedom campaign. Only people over 18 years old can buy and smoke tobacco products.
 Halsuntria Smoking is a popular pastime in Halsuntria and therefore there are no known laws by the government that prohibit smoking in any way.
 Hatstheput Tobacco can freely be advertised, promoted and sold (by individuals with +16 years).
 Kilowatt Possession, consumption, sale and manufacture of all tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, and snus has been banned in the Democratic Republic of Kilowatt since the passing of the Referendum for the Ban of Tobacco Products in 1992
 Kistolia Tobbaco is only legal outside of buildings, in your own home, of inside smoking allowed buildings.
 Layfet Layfet regulates smoking to prohibit it in state, territorial, domestic-dependent, or federal facilities, but overall, smoking is treated as a public health issue and thus is while this is no legal punitive consequences of smoking, there are restrictions and other regulations to promote rehabilitation of smokers to become non-smokers. The smoking rate in Layfet as of 2018 is just under 0.5%.
 New Gujo Tobacco products are banned in New Gujo. If someone gets caught using tobacco products in New Gujo, they will get a sentence of 5 to 8 years in prison depending on the amount of tobacco.
 Nexalan Nexalan trys there best to preserve as much tropical and non toxic air as possible, but because of smoking including chemicals we dont want in the country you must have a license to smoke, and you must be over the age of 30+, e-cigarettes is the only smoke allowed in public, (Smoking in front or inside of public places AT ALL will lead to 9 weeks in jail). To use cigars or other nicotine/tobacco products you must be on your own private property or have permision by the owner of there property, any buisness, even private isnt allowed to have smokes inside or out. Only Smoking around or in your home or owned land is allowed, the only way to buy a smoke is to be in a diffrent country that sells smoke products, and come back to Nexalan, then you will go to this website, enter all details then your license will shipped in mail in 2 months, fake license or fake identity can make you sentenced up to 15 years behind bars.
 Prybourne The Conglomerate sets no laws regarding smoking
 Pelostan Consumption, posession, manufacture, sales or import of tobacco products was banned in 1958 by the Supreme Court. If broken, this law can be punishable with up to 10 years in prison (extreme cases).
 Qazhshava Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, unless marked as a smoking zone. Minimal age for smoking is 15. It is highly discouradged to smoke, smoke packs must have government aproved anti-smoking messages. E-cigarettes are banned by the government.
Template:Country data Sanjion Smoking is prohibited in all public buildings, private businesses who wish to allow smoking will require a certificate agreeing the building will be responsible and that the building will require them to be 21 or older. Sinin Prefecture, makes it illegal for any purchase or ownership of any tobacco, due to it being a natural reserve. Any other Prefecture of Sanjion will have most stores carrying tobacco items. You must be 21 to buy tobacco.
 Tsokeiku Use of tobacco and similar products (such as e-cigarettes) are only prohibited in small public designated areas. Private parties must submit a request together with a plan/blueprint for a private designated area. These requests are rarely accepted. Tobacco and similar products are technically allowed in private households the common landlord rarely permits it (as it would consequently lower the rent).
 Velnotia Possession, consumption, sale and manufacture of all tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, and snus is banned in the Calmunist Republic of Velnotia
Viha 859365.png Viha Possession, consumption, sale and manufacture of all tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, and snus is banned in the United Provinces of Viha
Screenshot 2021-04-13 140436.png Lyonheimer Smoking is banned indoors and highly advies against, however it is legal.
 Yryel Smoking is prohibited in all indoor public spaces except within designated "smoking rooms". The minimum age to buy and smoke cigarettes is 18. Smoking is very much discouraged however and is slowly being phased out of Yryel and will eventually be banned