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List of private companies in Anteria

This List excludes planes, trains, and automobiles AND SPACE!

List of Companies

Year Founded Name CEO Subsidiaries Holders Headquarters Serves Sector
? Biolabs Kilex Hekil Hesoluo,  Kistolia  Kistolia Pharmeceutical Pills

Pharmeceutical Vaccines
Pharmeceutical Chemicals

1999 KwanjU Benson Rose Marley,  Ganji Islands Worldwide
except where prohibited
1534 Olivarn Khalid Olivarn Yalthens, North MemeaNorth Memea North MemeaNorth Memea Agriculture


? Orbitlink TBD Merseyside,  Speke Worldwide
except where prohibited
Satellite Telecommunications
2002 Userva Telecommunications Przemek Dudek Userva Kentalis Merseyside,  Speke Worldwide
except where prohibited


2020 Userva Kentalis Nathan Ersovik Userva Telecommunications Kentasi,  Kentalis  Kentalis Telecommunications
? Swi'eterkani Lucciatus Kilo Hesoluo,  Kistolia  Kistolia Desserts


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