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Ports of Anteria

This is a list of Anteria's Largests ports as per Volume.

Rank Port Volume 2019 (Million TEU) Year Established Notes
2 Aresov,  Kentalis 41.45 1882 Also the Largest port in Thuadia
4 Rȳkiri,  Kiyortza 26.03 ~350BC Largest Port in Kiyortza
5 Paelel,  Halsuntria 22.93 1974 The main port for all of Halsuntria. Town was built in the 1200's and the port in 1974.
8 Kentasi,  Kentalis 18.09 1832
TBA Karachapa,  New Sarmathia 14.95 120 BC (Historical)
1645 (Current)
Oldest and largest commercial port in New Sarmathia. Initially constructed by Saurashtrians in 30 BC. Demolished and rebuilt by Sarplesgani Empire in 1640s.
TBA Visyari,  Kiyortza 10.44 895 The main northern port in Kiyortza
16 Hesoluo,  Kistolia 9.21 1987 Major trading port, and biggest port in Kistolia.
17 Deimeka,  New Sebronia 9.81 1691 Largest Port in New Sebronia
18 Pyor, Screenshot 2021-03-04 085120.png Lyonheimer 8,74 1921 The port is also used by Blechingia during winter months as the sea ices over
20 Den Edeldec,  New Sebronia 6.80 1317 Oldest major commercial port in New Sebronia
21 Varadlhem,  Halsuntria 6.45 1960
TBA Ifuksiyaf,  Kiyortza 5.97 572 Rebuilt in the 1930s
TBA Haæstre,  New Sebronia 4.55 1340
TBA Kirȳ'i,  Kiyortza 3.61 617
TBA Pistora,  New Sebronia 3.39 1610
TBA Gangaratna,  New Sarmathia 3.26 1925 Built to ease traffic at Karachapa. Only riverine port in New Sarmathia.
TBA Kitaki,  Kiyortza 3.20 974
TBA Ipaksi,  Kiyortza 2.79 877 Partially rebuilt in the 1930s
TBA Den Semai,  New Sebronia 1.59 1591
TBA Nyoongar Harbor,  Halsuntria 1.26 962 The Oldest & Smallest Port in Halsuntria, the port is nothing like it was in the 1100's & is mainly a museum with little shipping activity.
TBA Elisabethbær,Flag of Blechingia.png Blechingia 5.87 873 Is the third oldest port in Blechingia and is the second largest in Volume moved only behind Killernay.