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List of current sovereign monarchs in Ajax

A monarch is the leader of the monarchy, a form of government whereby the state is ruled by an individual that rules for life, or until abdication. Most often monarchs are hereditary, though in some instances monarchs are selected by elective succession. Monarchs may be autocrats, such as in an absolute monarchy; ceremonial monarchs, such as those serving primarily as figureheads with reserve powers; or a mixed, executive monarch. Most states only have a single monarch at any given time (with exception to two diarchies of Ascalzar and Ghant), though regents mya rule when a monarch is a minor or incapacitated.

Entries below are current sovereign monarchs in Ajax, listed beside their respective realms and organized alphabetically. For current claimants to abolished thrones see pretenders.

Monarchs by country


Key Description
Monarch Name of monarch, preceded by title, with link to list of predecessors.
Since Date of assumption of throne; coronation date listed in footnotes.
House Name of royal family, with information on bloodline.
Type Form of monarchy, with information on role of the monarch within government.
Succession Method or pattern of succession, with link to current line of succession.
Standard Heraldry attributed to the relevant monarch or monarchy.
N/A Denotes where specific field is not applicable.
Denotes where data is not available.


Realm / Kingdom Image Monarch
Since Length of reign House Type Heir Apparent Standard
Commonwealth of Arthurista
INF3-77 pt1 Admiral Lord Mountbatten.jpg
Lord Protector Gareth II
(b. 1959)
2 October 1986 33 years, 282 days Arthurius Constitutional Elbareth, Duchess of Kingston
Arthurista's flag.png
Principality of Ascalzar
Franciscus in 2015.jpg
Co-Prince Pontian XI
(b. 1936)
25 February 2020 136 days N/A Consitutional Ex officio
Melisende of Sydalon.jpg
Co-Prince Melisende III
(b. 1993)
22 May 2013 7 years, 49 days Aultavilla Constitutional Ex officio
Belfrasian Federation
Prince Nicholaus I
(b. 1955)
19 April 1980 40 years, 82 days Dimitrios Constitutional Alexander, Hereditary Prince of Belfras
Divine Kingdom
Fin's Paint Ajaw red.png
K'uhul Ajaw Jasaw Chan K'awiil V
(b. 1964)
12 September 1991 28 years, 302 days Ilok'tab Absolute Janab Pacaal
Tikal (glyph).png
Fabrian City State
Franciscus in 2015.jpg
Pope Pontian XI
(b. 1936)
25 February 2020 136 days N/A Absolute theocracy Unknown (elective)
Papal Flag (Ajax).png
Kingdom of Garima
King Nicholas I
(b. 1970)
15 September 2014 5 years, 299 days Hohenhaupt Constitutional Unknown (elective)
Royal Standard of Garima.png
Nate Bust.jpg
Emperor Nathan IV
(b. 1988)
19 May 1997 23 years, 52 days Gentry Mixed Nathan, Crown Prince of Ghant
Flag of Ghant.png
Sophia Watercolor.jpg
Empress Sophia
(b. 1988)
14 February 2014 6 years, 147 days Dakmaran
Principality of Gran Aligonia
Prince Veremundo
(b. 1956)
19 March 2019 1 year, 113 days < Abellán Mixed Verucio Abellán, Duke of Odigal
Kingdom of Gelonia
King Arthur XI
(b. 1963)
30 April 2012 8 years, 71 days Rouanti Constitutional Lena, Princess Royal
Gelonian Royal standard.png
Kingdom of Keuland
King Albert I
(b. 1963)
19 April 2015 5 years, 82 days Gentry-Keuland Absolute Adela, Crown Princess of Keuland
Latin Empire
Constantine XX.jpg
Emperor Constantine XX
(b. 1994)
3 November 2016 3 years, 250 days Claudius Mixed Alexius, Prince of Youth
Latin Imperial standard.svg
Empire of Lihnidos
Empress Stella II
(b. 1977)
27 November 2007 12 years, 226 days Vasiliou Constitutional Princess Efthymia, Duchess of Rhithasa
Lihnidos Flag.png
Empire of Lyncanestria
Philippe IV of Lyncanestria.png
Emperor Philippe IV
(b. 1973)
8 July 2013 7 years, 2 days Villeneuve-Lugarne Constitutional Unknown (Elective)
Personal standard of the Lyncanestrian monarch.png
Kingdom of Sudmark
Femmy Otten - Willem Alexander 2014.jpeg
King Alexander III
(b. 1967)
3 March 2011 9 years, 129 days Ostenburg Constitutional Frederick, Crown Prince of Sudmark
Kingdom of Sydalon
Melisende of Sydalon.jpg
Queen Melisende III
(b. 1993)
22 May 2013 7 years, 49 days Aultavilla Absolute Hugh, Prince of Petra
Royal Standard of Sydalon.png
Emirate of Talakh
King Abdullah portrait.jpg
Emir Abdul-Hassan III
(b. 0000)
11 March 1995 25 years, 121 days Hassanite Mixed Faisal Hassan, Crown Prince of Talakh
Flag of Talakh.png
Thraysian Empire
Emperor Alexios VII
(b. 0000)
17 January 2001 19 years, 175 days Gregoras Absolute Alexios VIII, Crown Prince of Thraysia
Khaganate of Uluujol Khagan Wei I
(b. 1964)
04 February 2018 2 years, 157 days Yu Absolute Ilkin of Uluujol
Arkoenn flag.png
Kingdom of Yisrael
Yis King Hezekiah III pic 2.jpg
King Hezekiah III
(b. 1978)
22 January 2020 170 days David Constitutional Josiah IV, Crown Prince of Yisrael
Royal Flag of Yisrael.png

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