The Federal Republic of Austilos

Flag of Austilos
Coat of Arms of Austilos
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Freedom is found in absence of corporation!"
quote from Former President Miguel Corante
Anthem: WIP
Map of Austilos in relation to other countries
Map of Austilos in relation to other countries
Austilos Provinces
Austilos Provinces
and largest city
Official languagesSpanish
Used in Biliro and taught in most schoolsEnglish
GovernmentFederal Republic
• President of Austilos
Juan Luengas (G)
• Vice President
Lori Torrio (G)
• Congress Majority Leader
Evan Costeles (G)
from  Kentalis
• Constitution
• Total
312,060 km2 (120,490 sq mi)
• 2021 estimate
• Density
27.8/km2 (72.0/sq mi)
HDI (2021)0.780
CurrencyAustilian Dollar (ALD)
Time zoneUTC+9
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Federal Republic of Austilos, more commonly known as Austilos, is a nation located in Meredonne. It is made up of four different provinces and has an area 312,060 square kilometers with a population of around 8.5 million. It is bordered by Layfet to the south, and Latvia and Saaremaa and the Arcadian Commonwealths to the east. The capital and largest city is Bagres and is located in the Aquilos province.


The name of the capital city of Bagres is presumably from the Spanish word for catfish, bagre. The Gafftopsail catfish is a very important and abundant commercial fish in Austilos.


Overview History of Austilos

See History of Austilos

List of Austilian Predsidents

Order Names Party Years in Office
1st Miguel Corante Liberal 1931-1941
2nd Olivar Cerreras Green 1941-1947
3rd Roberto Nuncio Liberal 1947-1953
4th Dan Corante Conservative 1953-1957
5th Tori Rudio Green 1957-1963
6th Daniel Rodrick Liberal 1963-1969
7th Gabriel Cerreras Green 1969-1975
8th Ben Torres Liberal 1975-1981
9th Miguel Ladine Liberal 1983-1987
10th Earl Vanderwall Liberal 1987-1993
11th Tommy Julio Liberal 1993-1995
12th Elise Gorres Green 1995-2001
13th Pablo Luengas Green 2001-2007
14th Moby Dures Liberal 2007-2013
15th Mari Reveres Green 2013-2019
16th Juan Luengas Green 2019-present

Geography, Climate, and Environment

Provinces of Austilos

Flag Province Name
Aquilos Flag.png Aquilos
Biliro Flag.png Biliro
Eseiras Flag.png Eseiras
Nues Flag.png Nues


Aquilos is the smallest province and is where the capital city of Bagres is located. Aquilos has the highest population density out of the four.


Biliro is the northernmost province and contains many major cites.


Nues is the southern province and it has has the lowest population density out of the four.


Eseiras is the easternmost province and is the largest in terms of area of the four. Eseiras also has the least amount of shoreline out of the Austilian Provinces.


Government and Politics


Science and Technology




Most Austilians speak Spanish, with 93% of the country considering themselves fluent in Spanish. Austilians speak Spanish differently compared to most Spanish speakers as the formal pronouns usted and ustedes are not used, instead using informal pronouns tú and vosotros. This makes Austilian Spanish speakers often seem rude to outsiders while Austilians see it as perfectly normal. English is spoken mostly in the Biliro province nearby tourist hubs and English classes are mandatory in Austilian schools. Around 53% of the country considers themselves fluent in English.


Austilians learn to fish from a very young age and nearly all Austilians have held a fishing license at least once in their lives. Commercial fishing has historically always been a huge industry in Austilos and to this day continues to be a major section of industry.

Regional Phrases

Phrase English Translation Meaning
Ojalá atrapas el bagre dorado May you catch the golden catfish A phrase used to wish someone good luck. Often used among fishermen. Refers to an ancient Aquilian legend about the golden catfish
Sonrisas Smiles or Smilers Slang term for Austilian dollars. Refers to the catfish on the one dollar bill who appears to be smiling.

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