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Life imprisonment in Esquarium

Summary by country

Jurisdiction (link to details) Life imprisonment Minimum to serve before eligibility for requesting parole Maximum length of sentence (under life) Indefinite sentence (excl. preventive or psychiatric detainment) Mandatory sentence Possible other sentence Young offenders Pardon, amnesty, other release
 Xiaodong Yes 15 years, 30 years, or never; set individually by judge None Yes Murder, rape, child molestation, terrorism, espionage, attempted assassination of political figures, attempted coup, human trafficking, genocide War crimes, mutiny, unlawful assembly, drug trafficking, attempted murder, attempted rape, aircraft hijacking, manslaughter, sabotage under 16: Either transferred to a correctional facility or a psychiatric institution. If placed in a correctional faciity, can serve up to a maximum of 16 years; after which they can be transferred to a prison and their sentence extended indefinitely if deemed a threat to public safety. Pardon or Compassionate Release by the Ministry of Justice with approval from the Supreme Judicial Yuan.