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List of active separatist movements in Esquarium

This is a list of active separatist movements in the world. These movements are active with current members, seek greater autonomy or self-determination for a geographic location, and are citizens of the conflict area and not other countries. The statuses of these active movements vary from region to region---some movements are outlawed by the country they try to secede or gain autonomy from, while others are allowed to participate in government.

List of active separatist movements

Movement Organizations/governments supporting the movement Goal(s) of the movement Status of the movement Amount of influence
Aut independence Libèrta e Pas pur Atii Legal in Francilie Gains little following in Aut
Mburi nationalism 22px Free Mburi People's Army (Mburi: Asilikali Ufulu Mburi Anthu; Vjaarlandic: Frie Mburiske Folkshaer)
22px Mburi People's Union (Mburi: Wogwirizana Mburi Anthu; Vjaarlandic: Mburisk Folksunion)
Legal in Vjaarland
FMPA illegal in Vjaarland, designated by the Vjaarlandic government as a terrorist organization
Significant following among the Mburi people
Dalshire First movement Dalshire First Party (Dalsír i Dtosach Báire Páirtí) Illegal in Daecon, Dalshire First Party Banned following the Black Fall Unknown status; either underground or minuscule following
Otekian independence 22px Otekian Independence Movement
22px Government-in-exile of the Republic of Oteki
22px Otekian People's Association
Christian flag.svg Knights of Saint Luther (now considered defunct)
Illegal in Namor, designated by Namorese government as terrorist organizations Influential and popular among Otekian exiles
Leghel (Swedish Geadland) independence Swedish Liberal National Party
Swedish Radical National Party
  • Independence or autonomy for Leghel
  • Merging the Swedish-speaking region of Horgalund
Legal in Geadland Small following in Leghel
Template:Country data Glartinia Glartinian independence Glartinian Freedom Party Legal in Lyonsland Significant following in Glartinia
Flag of Shetland.svg Jarkvensan seperatism Liberate Kuninglinn
 Luziyca (alleged)
Legal in Lyonsland
Liberate Kuninglinn illegal in Lyonsland, designated by Lyonsland as a terrorist organization
Significant following among Luziycan Jarkvensans
New Bounèsquois independence Aininian Union Party Legal in Pisdara Moderate support among Aininian community in Pisdara, large support on New Bounèsque
Northumbrian independence Free Soil Party
Home Rule League
Northumbrian Republican Army
Legal in Ambrose
NRA and affiliates illegal in Ambrose, designated by Ambrose as terrorist organizations
Significant following in Northumberland and surrounding areas
Template:Country data Vesperia Vesperian independence Vesperian People's Party (Vesperska Folkpartiet) Legal in Arkiasis
Independence referendum defeated in 2015
Significant following in Vesperia. Small following in provinces of Eldmark and Aurora.
Flag of Tornedalians (2007).svg Hartish independence Hartish National Freedom Party (Haartlandse Nationale Vrijheidspartij) Legal in Arkiasis Small following in the provinces of Hartel, Vergetend and Tidvand.
Flag of Chanwa.png Duljunese independence Duljunese People's Liberation Front
Government-in-exile of the Duljunese Republic
Illegal in Xiaodong, all Duljunese separatist movements deemed anti-Xiaodonges terrorist groups Significant following in Duljun
Tergallian independence Tergallia National Party (TNP)
Tergallian Freedom Group
Legal in Kusland TNP holds 5 out of 20 seats on the Tergallian Council
Hebrew separatism Hebrew Liberation Army
Hebrew Freedom Party
Semi-legal in Arzoz Mixed popularity among the Hebrew community, with support in the Eastern Territories.
Ellanghas Seyrsnys (Ellyn Independence) Ellanghas Reamys Griaght (Ellyn Independence Party)
  • Ellanghas independence from Wosrac
Legal in Wosrac Gains decent following in Ellyn