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Abolished monarchies in Esquarium

This is a list of abolished monarchies in Esquarium.

Abolished monarchies

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Current Status

22px Ainin Louis-Charles II 1645 Under the combined pressure of famine, civil war, economic crisis and Namorese invasion, the Glorious Confederation collapsed and its ruling house overthrown. Louis-Charles III, head of the House of Radisson that ruled Ainin prior to the Long Anarchy and the Namorese occupation, continues to claim the throne.
22px Atlia Selim XII 1773 Following the Seventh Atlian-Aucurian War, the Serene Kingdom of Aucuria annexed the Atlian Khanate. A direct descendant of Selim XII claims the throne as Khan Selim XVI.
22px Aucuria Kristijonas 1792 The Serene Kingdom of Aucuria was overthrown by the Sons of the Aucurian Nation in the Aucurian Revolution following a series of poor harvests and severe fiscal mismanagement by the monarchy. The Sons of the Aucurian Nation abolished the monarchy and established a republic. A direct descendant of Kristijonas, Vilhelmas Naujalis-Karedumas, claims the throne as King Vilhelmas.
Royal-Flag-of-Ambrose.png Ambrose Edgard IX 1849 The Kingdom of Ambrosia would be abolished in the bloody Ambrosian Revolution of 1848—1849, which took much inspiration from classical liberal revolutionaries of Aucuria and Ainin. The aftermath of the war saw many nobles executed or exiled, with Edgard and his surviving family fleeing abroad to Vasturian states and later to Aurega. The current most-recognized pretender to the throne is John Alexander Edgard Duncansby, who resides in Mespalia.
Lombardiaflag.png Mikrago Emperor Ulysses III 1860 Was overthrown by Huswa Varanken and fellow revolutionaries in 1860 after bad harvests and a general strike by the workers. The current pretender is Basil Prinkipa, who has claimed to be Emperor Basil since the death of his father in 2011.
Inledaflag.png Mirak Vekoslav VI 1861 During Huswa Varanken's campaign, he launched a major invasion against the Kingdom of Mirak. The strength of Varanken's forces, combined with their better training helped end the Mirakian monarchy. The current pretender is Vladan Cesar, who has claimed to be Emperor Vladan IX since his father's death in 1994
Bethlehemflag.png Bethlehem Stanislav VII 1863 By 1863, Varanken completed his campaign, and would kill the last monarch, Stanislav VII in battle to capture Bethlehem so the Luziycans can make it their capital, and to complete unification. The current pretender is Princess Rebenok, who claims to be Queen Rebenok since 1995.
Flag of the Comoros (1978–1992).svg Nautarya Mohammed bin Dalz 1868 The Sultanate of Nautarya was conquered by Ainin in 1868 after the Corsair War and turned into a colony, East Notasia, with its monarchy deposed. The warlords of the remote western interior of the country (now West Nautarya) established a new monarchy, but the millennium-old House of Ediz was deposed. Several dozen men claim the throne of the Sultanate, but none are recognised either officially or popularly.
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1844–1922).svg Ankoren Abdülhamid III 1913 The Erkemen dynasty which had ruled over Ankoren since 1216 collapsed in wake of economic stagnation, rising liberal and nationalist movements, was finally abolished and overthrown during the Erdek Crisis. All descendants of the imperial family were killed during the Ashura Revolution in 1923.
22px Siphria Hefîz III 1913 The Emirate of Siphria was widely unpopular due to religious turmoil, widespread poverty, and its close ties to the Erkemen Empire. The collapse of the Erkemen Empire resulted in the ruling House of Sabrî losing its primary backer; it lost power in the Siphrian Revolution shortly thereafter. Heydar Sabrî, the pretender to the Siphrian throne, currently resides in Estanban, Ankoren.
SenriaFlag-monarchy.png Senria Katuhito 1926 Emperor Katuhito and all members of the Imagawa dynasty were forced into exile at the end of the Senrian Revolution, when the Empire of Senria was abolished and replaced with the Senrian Republic. Most members of the Imagawa dynasty reside in Tuthina or elsewhere abroad. Satohito Imagawa, a descendant of Katuhito, continues to claim the throne, styling himself as the Emperor Eiso.
Flag of Xiaodong.png Xiaodong Taiyi Emperor 1934 The Heavenly Xiaodongese Empire was officially dissolved with all claims to the throne renounced after the Corrective Revolution in the Edict of Abdication, leading to the abolition of the monarchy. The Yao family is legally barred to make claims to the throne as required by the Edict of Abdication. The current head of the Yao family, Yao Zhengtang, resides in Xiaodong alongside most of the Yao family who receive annual benefits from the government.

Abolished monarchies later restored


Year Abolished

Year Restored


Katranjiev Katranjiev 1937 1976 Abolished by Huankun Chen after a Liberationist coup d'etat against the monarchy as a result in an investigation in electoral fraud in the 1937 election that brought his party to power, with the royal family being put under house arrest. The monarchy was restored in 1976 following a referendum on whether to form a republic, keep the status quo, or restore the monarchy, with a majority supporting the restoration of the monarchy.