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List of official languages in Esquarian nations

This is a list of official languages in Esquarian countries. Languages only official in certain areas or recognized languages do not count, and neither do colonies or their ilk (overseas territories, associated free states, et cetera).

Nation Official languages Number of official languages
 Ainin French 1
 Ambrose English, Crethian 2 (+1 regional)
 Aucuria Aucurian 1 (+1 regional)
Template:Country data Endynru Endynreg 1 (+2 regional)
 Katranjiev Katranjian, Luziycan, Namorese 3
Template:Country data Lecistan Lec 1
 Luziyca Inledan, Lombardian Luziycan, Namorese 4
Template:Country data Mazaristan Arabic 1
 Namor Namorese 1
Template:Country data Saheil French, Arabic 2
 Sjealand Danish 1 (+ 6 regional)
22x20px Slovunia Sloviac 1 (+5 regional)
 Tuthina Literary Tuthinan 1
 Xiaodong Xiaodongese 1