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List of national anthems in Esquarium

This is a list of national and regional anthems in Esquarium.


Nation Anthem Translation of the title Adopted in Tune Notes
 Aucuria Aukurija Dar Nėra Žuvo Aucuria Has Not Yet Perished 1791; 1952 Aukurija Dar Nėra Žuvo Written and first adopted during the Aucurian Revolution; abandoned following the Grey Putsch, but readopted after the Velvet Revolution. Music written by Mykolas Vibickas, lyrics written by Žygimantas Juozapevičius.
 Katranjiev Katranjiev, ti priyaten zemya Katranjiev, thy pleasant land 1840; 1989 Katranjiev, ti priyaten zemya Written as a royal anthem, it was only officially adopted as a national anthem in 1989 following the end of the Liberationist regime
 Lecia Piesniô Lekkëbã The Song of Lecistan 2016 Piesniô Lekkëbã Adopted after the Second Lecistani Civil War, replacing Och Lekkëbë. Lyrics written by Gabrielle Assénart; music based on a folk hymn.
 Montecara Inno dei Populi Hymn of the People 1891 Inno dei Populi Written by renowned Montecaran opera composer Giacopò Verxì
 Senria Kyouwakoku Kousinkyoku
March of the Republic 1922 Kyouwakoku Kousinkyoku Adopted during the Senrian Revolution. Music written by Sigehiro Takesira; lyrics written by Tarou Maeda.
 Xiaodong 但愿吾天上我的祖国兴盛千代
Dàn yuàn wú tiānshàng wǒde zǔguó xīngshèng qiāndài
May my celestial motherland blossom for a thousand ages 1933 Dàn yuàn wú tiānshàng wǒde zǔguó xīngshèng qiāndài Based off a folk song from the Dongtou prefecture written in the 1880's, with its lyrics reworked in the 1920's during the Senrian-Xiaodongese War to be a patriotic song and adopted as an anthem following the Corrective Revolution