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Esquarian Human Rights Monitor

Template:Infobox non-profit The Esquarian Human Rights Monitor, abbreviated as EHRM, is an international non-governmental organization that researches and advocates human rights. Its headquarters is in Olachoo, Chorea. In addition, it maintains offices in cities across the region, including Ainin, Arkiasis, Crolacia, Luziyca, Lyonsland, Masseau, Namor, and Walminghaven.

It is by far the largest human rights research and advocacy organization in Esquarium, and publishes an annual white paper on human rights conditions region-wide.


EHRM was founded in 1986 through a merger between the Federation of Human Rights Advocacy Organizations in Western Esquarium (FHRAOWE) and the Eastern Esquarian Human Rights Offices (EEHRO). It initially had no headquarters, and consisted of offices throughout the region; but in 1992 it established a headquarters in Olachoo, the capital of Chorea, which had just declared its neutrality after the end of Communist rule.

The EHRM divided itself into various committees, the Western Esquarium Monitor (WEM), Southwestern Monitor (SWM), Northwestern Monitor (NWM) and Eastern Monitor (EM). These committees focused on monitoring human rights abuses and advocating human rights in their assigned regions.

To expand its advocacy movement, the EHRM established its information wing, the EHRM Information Center, in 2000, which to this day serves as the organization's news agency. The Information Center is updated daily and reports on human rights across Esquarium, criticizing governments for committing human rights abuses and calling on international support for the release of certain political prisoners. It has often spoken out against abuses committed during wars, and because of its harsh criticism of governments or groups that violate human rights it is banned, censored or restricted in some countries.


EHRM's founding charter, published in 1986 and revised several times since, states that the organization is aimed at promoting basic and other human rights throughout the region. It reiterates its motto, "No ill is justifiable," to affirm its belief that different national conditions in each country is not an excuse for some people to not enjoy the same amount of human rights as others, stating in its charter that "[w]e strongly believe and support the fact that all human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality or creed, deserve the same amount of human rights." It values most the freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press among other rights. It opposes discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and/or race, supports LGBT rights, and opposes capital punishment as well as extrajudicial killings. EHRM says it bases its interpretation of human rights around OEN General Assembly Resolution 001, which lists certain activities as "crimes against humanity" or "war crimes."

The EHRM has condemned the involvement of minors in war, the use of chemical and biological agents during times of war, harsh treatment of prisoners of war, harsh treatment of minority groups, gender discrimination, slavery, and poor working conditions. It recognizes terrorism as a threat, but believes that "governments should not intentionally or unintentionally violate people's civil liberties in the name of counter-terrorism" and that "the fight against terrorism should not be fought at the expense of human rights." As such, the organization is highly critical of wars fought in the name of counter-terrorism, or any measures taken by governments in the name of counter-terrorism.

The organization supports political dissidents and prisoners region-wide, advocating for an end to restriction of their liberties or their imprisonment by authorities. It has embarked on a mass media campaign to raise awareness of the conditions of people who are "sacrificing their sacred rights to promote rights for all humankind." Besides voicing support for them, EHRM also provides financial aid to dissidents.

Yearly, EHRM awards activists whom they recognize as "demonstrating bravery in the face of overwhelming odds and leading the struggle for worldwide human rights."

EHRM is a supporter of independent investigations into genocide and war crimes, and putting war criminals or perpetrators of genocide on trial for crimes against humanity.

The Director-General of EHRM is currently Vladimir Yanukovich of Luziycan nationality.

EHRM Information Center

The EHRM Information Center is the official media information wing of EHRM. Its main headquarters is in Olachoo and has offices in Mojing, Sa Corugna and Hartly. It is mainly an online source for information, although it also publishes a monthly magazine, Esquarian Light, which is distributed in some countries. It publishes an annual white paper on human rights conditions region-wide. Some of the issues the white paper commonly visits include the Nevan racial laws, Arnborgese racial laws, human trafficking, child labor and poor working conditions. It also publishes the Esquarian Freedom Index.

The Chairman of the Information Center is Chang Wan-hsiu, a Qianrongese dissident.

Organizations and Individuals Against Human Rights List

EHRM maintains a list of organizations and individuals, primarily heads of state, whom it regards as having a significant record of violating human rights. Every designation must be accompanied by "clear explanation backed by substantial evidence."

It has repeatedly called for people on the list to be given an arrest warrant and prosecuted for their crimes.

Person/Organization Country Year Designated Explanation
Government of the People's Republic of Katranjiev
Former government of Katranjiev from 1951 to 1989
Katranflag5189.png Katranjiev 1986 Ruthless persecution of political dissidents and support for excessive political violence, resulting in physical injury, torture and deaths, as well as severe corruption, arbitrary arrests, and alleged racism in favor of the Namorese minority against the Slavic ethnicities
Kaskirian government Template:Country data Kaskiria 1986 Systematic destruction of civil liberties and civil rights, massive violations of privacy, harsh repression of free thought, use of torture on prisoners in labor camps, lack of freedom of information, restrictive movement policies, repression and harassment of religious groups, severe corruption, and belligerence towards neighboring nations.
Imperial Government of the Most Serene Empire
Sometimes including current emperors
 Tuthina 1986 Alleged official endorsement of institutionalised slavery, kidnapping, political assassination, violent oppression against uprising and protests, as well as capital punishment without legal limit on crimes or individuals
West Cortoguayan government Template:Country data West Cortoguay 1986 Committing arbitrary arrests, rampant government corruption, imprisonment and execution of political dissidents, and extrajudicial killings
Teutonian government Template:Country data Teutonia (Esquarium) 1986 For heading one of the most repressive and brutal regimes ever in Esquarian history. Severe restrictions are placed on freedoms of expression, movement, and assembly, media censorship and controls, severe repression of political dissent and activism, extrajudicial punishments and arrests, state sponsored discrimination and terrorism, liberal usage of capital punishment (public executions), extensive system of harsh labor camps, cronyism, and corruption of the political system.
Arnborgese government Template:Country data Arnborg 1990 Supporting state-sponsored racism and oppressing the country's non-white majority to benefit the white minority
Government of Nevanmaa
Under headship of Juhani III
23x15px Nevanmaa 1990 Heading a government that endorses a backwards, racist political and social system
Ahmed Hussein
President of Kraq
Template:Country data Kraq 1992 For supporting and organising excess human rights abuses against the Sunnis including the excessive of use of torture, mass executions of political dissidents and the use of chemical weapons against unarmed civilians protests.
Ohanka Jon Bak-su
Paramount leader of Koyro
Template:Country data Koyro 1995 For committing excess human rights abuses against the Koy people, including forced labor, mass purges and mass executions against dissidents
Jarrod Thuman
Late leader of the Jahistic Republic of Unolia
Template:Country data Unolia 2004 Ruthless persecution of political dissidents and support for excessive political violence, resulting in physical injury, torture and deaths
Ministry of Public Security  Namor 2008 Subjugation of Otekian people, harassment, prosecution and incarceration of peaceful Otekian separatists
Faiz I'timad Ahmed
Commander of the Front for Liberation and Jihad
22px Irvadistan 2011 Indiscriminate attacks on people because of their religious background, such as Shiite Muslims and Christians
Ebrahim Ridha Ahmad
Former Emir of the Emirate of Irvadistan, Current Leader of the Self-Proclaimed Caliphate
22px Irvadistan 2014 Supporting and organizing indiscriminate attacks on people because of their religious background, leading an international terrorist organization responsible for the mass murder of innocent civilians, prisoners of war and other self-proclaimed enemies
Jacob Connors
Chairman of the People's Provisional Government of the Jahistic Union
Template:Country data Unolia Jahistic Union 2014 Continuing predecessor Jarrod Thuman's (see above) practice of endorsing and exercising political violence, physical and psychological torture of political opponents, including feminists
Jean-Marc Salérin
President of Lecistan
Template:Country data Lecistan 2015 Enforcing laws restricting freedom of speech, jailing and allegedly torturing and killing supporters of the Solidarity Alliance, allegedly rigging the October 2015 general election
Yuan Xiannian
State Chairman of Xiaodong
 Xiaodong 2017 Allegedly rigging the 2017 general election, killing, imprisoning and torturing peaceful protesters, suppressing striking workers', jailing opposition politicians, extreme police brutality, dismantling rule of law, restricting free speech, free media and right to privacy, repression and harassment of religious groups and genocide denial