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Coupe d’Esquarium

Coupe d’Esquarium
RegionEsquarium (EFA)
Current championsSenria Senria
(1st title)
Most successful team(s)23x15px Vyvland
(2 titles)

The Coupe d’Esquarium (English: Esquarian Cup) is the premier men’s international football (soccer) competition in Esquarium, organised by the Esquarian Football Association. The successor to the Esquarian Football Classic, the tournament is held semiannually, and is hosted by one of the member countries of the EFA. The reigning champions are Senria, and the inaugural champions of the Coupe were the Luziycan national team.

List of Coupes

Year Host nation Winner
Autumn 2013 Gaveo Luziyca Luziyca
Spring 2014 Template:Country data Unolia 23x15px Vyvland
Autumn 2014 Template:Country data Masseau Template:Country data Masseau Masseau
Spring 2015 Template:Country data country x 23x15px Vyvland
Autumn 2015 Template:Country data Lyonsland Template:Country data country x country x
Spring 2016  Senria Atlia Atlia
Autumn 2016  Luziyca Ainin Ainin
Spring 2017 23x15px Toksan 22x20px Kaona-Phaonam
Spring 2018 Template:Country data Ássoras Senria Senria