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Electoral systems in Esquarium

This is a list of electoral systems in Esquarium.


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Country Body System Details Seats per District Total seats Threshold
 Ainin House of Deputies First past the post n/a 1 451 n/a
House of Censure Partly election by electoral college or local legislatures and appointed by head of state At-large districts correspond to each of the provinces. Provincial censors are nominated by the provincial legislatures and then appointed by the President of Ainin. 10-37 158 n/a
 Aucuria Saeimas Party-list proportional representation Constituency borders match provincial borders; d'Hondt method is utilized. 16-34 246 n/a
 Katranjiev National Assembly Single transferable vote Until 2017, Katranjiev used first past the post. However, since voting reform laws were passed in 2017, Katranjiev uses STV using the Hare quota. 3 300 n/a
 Lecia Royal Chamber Party-list proportional representation Registered citizens over the age of 21 are eligible to vote. 4-15 50 n/a
 Mespalia General Assembly Party-list proportional representation Members are elected from 43 constituencies using open list proportional representation with D'Hondt method. 5-12 350 n/a
Assembly of the Estates No direct election Members of the Assembly are ex officio clergy or members of the high nobility. n/a 628 n/a
National Assembly Instant-runoff voting 500 of the 1325 members of the National Assembly are elected from single-member districts using IRV. Other members include members of the Assembly of the Estates and delegates from various professions and interest groups. 1 1325 n/a


Heads of state

For heads of state system colors, see here. Only applicable if you elect your head of state.

Country Body System Details
 Ainin President of Ainin Election by legislature Candidate nominated by the outgoing Speaker of the House of Deputies on the advice of the party leaders and confirmed by the incoming members of the House of Deputies and the outgoing members of the House of Censure.
 Aucuria President of Aucuria Two-round system Only citizens registered as voters are eligible to vote. If there is no candidate that reaches 50% on the first round, a second round is organized, with the candidates from the first round who garnered more than 12.5% of the vote participating.
 Mespalia King of Mespalia Election by electoral college The King is elected by the National Assembly.
 Senria Prime Minister of Senria Election by legislature The prime minister is nominated from the membership of and voted into office by the National Assembly.
 Xiaodong Chairperson of the State Presidium of Xiaodong Election by legislature Candidates are nominated by a quarter of presidium delegates (54) and unless running unopposed must reach a supermajoirty of 141 votes to be elected. If no candidate reaches 141 votes in the first round, a second vote is held where the threshold is lowered to a simple majority of 108 votes. If no candidate passes that threshold, the State Presidium must be dissolved and a new election be held to break the parliamentary deadlock.