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List of genocides in Esquarium

Over the course of Esquarian history, there have been several genocides, which have been commonly described as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group". As such, they do not include other forms of mass killings such as war crimes and famines.

Event Location From To Perpetrator(s) Estimated death Notes
Elegy of Blood (disputed) Template:Country data Greater Lahudic Commonwealth 1959 1967 Template:Country data Greater Lahudic Commonwealth
Tuthina Most Serene Empire (disputed)
10,000,000 The Elegy of Blood, also known as Great Calamity, occurred during the Great Republican Uprising, where wide-spread famine triggered by Imperial blockade of all goods into republican-held territory resulted in death of 10 million civilians. The Commonwealth government's decision to prioritise food supply to its own military and designated native population of the area, including confiscation of food from the rest of the population, resulted in it being considered a genocide by some. The Imperial government is seen by some as being partially responsible for it due to its blockade and unwillingness to accept conditional surrender.
Senrian Genocide Occupied Senria flag.png Occupied Senria 1927 1933 Flag of Xiaodong.png Heavenly Xiaodongese Empire 4,000,000
7,500,000 (Senrian estimate)
100,000 (Xiaodongese estimate)
The Senrian Genocide was the systematic extermination in occupied Senria during the Senrian-Xiaodongese War by Xiaodongese authorities who wished to depopulate Senria and replace them with ethnic Xiaodongese, with death marches, human experimentation, starvation, death by labour and mass shootings being used. Xiaodong disputes the use of the term "genocide" stating it was not pre-planned or intended to be an ethnic cleansing, whereas in Senria denial or minimization of the genocide is illegal.
Azkuri Genocide 22x20px Ankoren 1923 1926 22x20px Ankoren 1,800,000
100,000(Ankoreni estimate)
The Azkuri Genocide took place during the Ashura Revolution and the Ankoreni Revolutionary War when the forces of Nurcan Taylan murdered Azkuri, Bedouin and Christian inhabitants of the union through death marches, mass executions or entire settlements being wiped out and then burnt down by the Revolutionary Army. The genocide ended when famine necessitated the revolutionary forces to go back to farm rather than continue the genocide.