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List of national legal systems in Esquarium

National legal systems in Esquarium are commonly divided into three categories: common law, civil law, and religious law. Most countries have a legal system based on one or more of these categories.


     Civil law
     Common law
     Religious law
     Bijuridical/mixed (civil and common law)

Nation Legal system Details
 Ainin Bijuridical/mixed The Aininian legal system takes elements from both civil and common law, notably using an inquisitional system and bench trials, typical of civil law jurisdictions, but also employs many common law principles, such as precedent, implied repeals and statutory interpretation.
 Ambrose Common law The Ambrosian legal system is one of the oldest common law systems in Nordania.
 Katranjiev Common law Katranjiev follows common law, albeit some statutes from the People's Republic remain in effect.
 Lecia Common law The Lecian legal system is a common law system built on the Odissian legal system.
 Tuthina Religious law The Most Serene Empire has a legal system based on its official religion, the Imperial Cult.
 Xiaodong Civil law Xiaodong has a system of civil law although there is some overlap between the judicial and legislative branch mostly regarding constitutional law. All Xiao law derives from statutes and legislation.