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Esquarivision Song Contest

Esquarivision Song Contest
GenreSong contest
Created byHarrö Ladjers
Presented byVarious
Country of originList of Countries
Original language(s)French
No. of episodes45 contests
Production location(s)Various
Running time3 hours
Production company(s)Esquarivision
Picture format480i (SDTV), (1970-present)
576i (SDTV) (1970–present)
720p (HDTV) (2001–present)
1080i (HDTV) (2005–present)
4K (UHDTV) (2015–present)
Original release6 June 1970 (1970-06-06) –
Related showsJunior Esquarivision Song Contest (2006–)
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The Esquarivision Song Contest, often shortened to ESC or Esquarivision, is an annual song competition held primarily among the countries of Esquarium since 1970. The contest's idea and format was inspired by the Lyonese show Lejonbhicss, which now functions as a selection process for Lyonsland's entry to the competition.

Each participating country sends a song to be performed live on radio and television, usually in front of a stadium or an arena. Following all of the performances, the juries and more recently televoters of each participating country vote for their favourite entry. The winning country also reserves the right to host the following year's competition, however nations are not obligated to do so. The show is held annually, usually in April or May, and is accompanied by the Junior Esquarivision Song Contest in November. It is one of the most watched television programmes in Esquarium.



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Table key
     Active - Countries who are currently participating.
     Withdrawn – Countries who have participated in the past but have withdrawn.
Country Debut year Wins Broadcaster(s)
 Ainin 1970 3 STA
 Ambrose 1986 2 ABS
Template:Country data Arkiasis 1970 3 ABC2
 Aucuria 1986 1 ANRT
23x15px Daecon 2000 1 NDBC
Template:Country data East Cortoguay 1977 3 RTC
Template:Country data Eisarndal 1979 1 GM
Template:Country data Geadland 1970 0 GRK
22x20px Jathana 1983 0 JPT
 Karazawa 1999 0 TVK1
 Katranjiev 1990 1 KTV
Template:Country data Korizland 1970 1 KBC
Template:Country data Koyro 2014 0 KNTV
Template:Country data Kraq 2010 0 KST3
Template:Country data Lecistan 2005 1 LekSat
Template:Country data Litorea 1990 1 Lit
 Luziyca 1970 4 LRT
Template:Country data Lydland 1982 0 LRR
Template:Country data Lyonsland 1970 4 RTL
 Namor 1984 1 PTH
23x15px Nevanmaa 1970 2 NYT
Template:Country data North Daecon 1995 0 NDBC
Template:Country data Oelia 1970 4 FVO
Template:Country data Pisdara 2017 0 STA Pisdara
Template:Country data Rifat 2012 0 broadcaster
Template:Country data Saheil 2000 0 STS
 Senria 1970 3 SHK
 Sjealand 1970 3 SSR
Template:Country data Holstein Swastria 1970 1 RFS
23x15px West Cedarbrook 1978 2 WC1
 Xiaodong 1992 1 XBG

† - Forced to withdraw due to ongoing violence.


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Year Host country Host city Winning country Winning song Winning artist Points Host broadcaster
Template:ESC  East Luziyca "Moshchnost i moya lyubov" Adam Khozyov
Template:ESC  East Luziyca Jerusalem Template:Country data Oelia "Lés amañs jounes" Hiltrude d'Arôpfe-Lunael LRT
Template:ESC Template:Country data Oelia Spinall  Senria FVO
Template:ESC  Senria Keisi  Ainin "On reviendra" Marie Laprairie SHK
Template:ESC  Ainin Hartly STA
Template:ESC  [[|]] [[]]  Sjealand "Det var en Lørdag Aften" Annelise Nielsen
Template:ESC  Sjealand Asgård Template:Country data Holstein Swastria SSR
Template:ESC Template:Country data Holstein Swastria Wittburg Template:Country data Lyonsland "Ettrudd jann bhatt a durt" Helenn Jårcsdatt RFS
Template:ESC Template:Country data Lyonsland Ettsten  Sjealand "Åh du jeg elsker" Morten Åleson RTL
Template:ESC  Sjealand Asgård Template:Country data Oelia "La rive" Albréxt Doussieux SSR
Template:ESC Template:Country data Oelia Wéppy 23x15px West Cedarbrook "Miserlou" Rivka Grabsky FVO
Template:ESC 23x15px West Cedarbrook Port Yehoshua Template:Country data East Cortoguay WC1
Template:ESC Template:Country data East Cortoguay Sevoya Template:Country data Arkiasis "Energi" Elin Eriksson RTC
Template:ESC Template:Country data Arkiasis Ålstad Template:Country data Lyonsland "Sajrr" The Fix ABC2
Template:ESC Template:Country data Lyonsland Ettsten  Senria RTL
Template:ESC  Senria Tosei  East Luziyca "Älskar det!" Rolf Laganov SHK
Template:ESC  East Luziyca Bethlehem  Ambrose LRT
Template:ESC  Ambrose Elsbridge 23x15px Nevanmaa "Maria Jenny Elisabet Amelia Jörvänen" Käpykaarti ABS
Template:ESC 23x15px Nevanmaa Nevanlinna  Namor "Tonguni no sikai" Lin Hui NYT
Template:ESC  Namor Esquarian City Template:Country data East Cortoguay PTH
Template:ESC Template:Country data East Cortoguay Fuerteventura  Ambrose RTC
Template:ESC  Ambrose Arlesburgh 23x15px West Cedarbrook "Legs" Stash Keyes ABS
Template:ESC 23x15px West Cedarbrook Wrycova Template:Country data Arkiasis "Winter Sensations" Aryanna Cantrell WC1
Template:ESC Template:Country data Arkiasis Aspatria Template:Country data Korizland ABC2
Template:ESC Template:Country data Korizland Korizon Template:Country data Lyonsland "I See" Janett Holdirrdall KBC
Template:ESC Template:Country data Lyonsland Fygrett Template:Country data Litorea RTL
Template:ESC Template:Country data Litorea Meridiana  Luziyca "Kto ty?" Joseph Makenzie Lit
Template:ESC  Luziyca Kenyen  Senria LRT
Template:ESC  Senria Isikawa  Ainin "Pourquoi moi?" William Luc Alascque SHK
Template:ESC  Ainin Jasper Hill Template:Country data Lyonsland "Credd minn" Ijda STA
Template:ESC Template:Country data Lyonsland Gronbis  Xiaodong "你是否還要 永久的期待?"
Will you be forever waiting?
Qiu Nuxia RTL
Template:ESC  Xiaodong Rongshui Template:Country data Oelia "Tout mon amour en double" Julie lou Pôxou XBG
Template:ESC Template:Country data Oelia Touly Template:Country data Eisarndal FVO
Template:ESC Template:Country data Eisarndal Sarrburg  Aucuria "Nauja Diena" Ugnė Navikaitė GM
Template:ESC  Aucuria Kalnaspilis  Luziyca "Prostota" Hugh Williams ANRT
Template:ESC  Luziyca Gijirokastra 23x15px Daecon "The Storm Goes On" Charles Parkman LRT
Template:ESC 23x15px Daecon Waterwitt Template:Country data Arkiasis "Norden" Jacob Solberg NDBC
Template:ESC Template:Country data Arkiasis Noryln ABC2
Template:ESC "Młodi rzëcé" Janusz Kasperowicz
Template:ESC  Katranjiev° Desislav  Ainin "rÉvolution" Martine Rossignol KTV
Template:ESC  Ainin Hartly Template:Country data East Cortoguay STA
Template:ESC Template:Country data East Cortoguay Sevoya 23x15px Nevanmaa "Speak with a voice that I can hear" Vierivä
Template:ESC 23x15px Nevanmaa Nevanlinna "Entle tac'ast ecsat" Karen Plastok NYT
Template:ESC Template:Country data Oelia Êtats d'aume Natascha Guérhart
Template:ESC Template:Country data Oelia Reings  Katranjiev "Pochivai sega, moyat voin" (Rest now, my warrior) Nikolina Dobrev FVO
Template:ESC  Katranjiev Krasimir 23x15px Nevanmaa Sateen jälkeen Lakritsijengi KTV
Template:ESC 23x15px Nevanmaa Nevanlinna  Sjealand Firsers Boheme Tynér NYT

° - Lecistan declined to host the 2009 edition for financial reasons, so 2008 runner-up Katranjiev stepped in to host it on their behalf.