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Discrimination in Esquarium

The following list shows the legality and frequency of discrimination in Esquarium in different countries.

Country Race Sex Age Religion LGBT+ Nationality Pregnancy Disability Genetic Criminal Record Pet Owning
 Lecia Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal Legal
Moderate Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Common Moderate
Lecia has no laws that make discrimination illegal. As such, sexism, ageism, ableism, and moderate cases of racism are common. Demonstrating for female suffrage is considered illegal.
 Luziyca Partial Partial Legal Illegal Partial Illegal Partial Illegal Illegal Legal Legal
Common Uncommon Common Uncommon Uncommon Uncommon Moderate Moderate Uncommon Common Common
State and federal government institutions are forbidden to discriminate against race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, pregnancy, disability, genetic and pet-ownership status. However, private entities are permitted to discriminate by race, sex, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, criminal record, or pet-ownership. A survey in 2013 shows that 35% of businesses in Mikrago restricted Shudri, who are perceived to be a harbinger of crime, though elsewhere, businesses rarely discriminate by race.
 Xiaodong Illegal Illegal Partial Partial Illegal Partial Partial Legal Illegal Legal Partial
Moderate Uncommon Uncommon Common Uncommon Common Uncommon Moderate Uncommon Common Moderate
Discrimination in Xiaodong is restricted by both the constitution and a variety of laws. Although gender discrimination is heavily penalised, other anti-discrimination laws only see patchy implementation. Discrimination based religion, nationality and criminality are still common in Xiaodong.