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Country codes in Esquarium

Country codes in Esquarium encompass alphabetic and numeric systems for classifying states and territories for ease of reference. Systems in use include the two-letter codes issued by the International League, trigrammes used in international sport, and calling codes used in telecommunications.

Numeric codes are used as international dialing codes and for other purposes where a numerical value is required.

Summary table

Country 2-letter 3-letter
 Ainin AI AIN 5
 Akai AK AKI 314
 Ambrose AM
 Atlia[1] AL ATL 34
 Aucuria AU AUK 33
Template:Country data Charline Islands[2] CH 502
 Desenan Republic DS DES 40
Template:Country data Eaeria EA 31
 Esquarian Community EC EQC N/A
Template:Country data Hagieria and Agrilan HA 6
Template:Country data Jathana JH
 Jorland and Lothican JL 761
 Karazawa KA
 Katranjiev KJ KJV 59
 Lecia LK LEK 425
 Luziyca LZ LUZ 10
Template:Country data Mazaristan MZ
 Mespalia MS MSP 92
 Min MN MIN 461
 Namor NR NMR 340
Template:Country data Nantai[3] NT 10
 Nunalik NK NLK 69
 Razaria RZ RAZ
 Senria SN SEN 18
 Siphria SP SFR 38
Template:Country data Slovunia SS SLV 05
Template:Country data Transborea QD QAR 2
 Tuthina SI
 Vasturia VA VST 93
Template:Country data Veirsia WE
 Xiaodong XI XDG
  1. Autonomous province of Aucuria
  2. Autonomous territory of Ainin
  3. Area under Luziycan administration