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School leaving age in Esquarium

School leaving age in Esquarium, as well as employment age, can vary across countries and territories.


Color legend Ages legend
  School leaving age higher
0 denotes education is not compulsory. (n) denotes part-time employment available from age n
  Employment age higher
0 denotes no minimum employment age as children could be, in theory, employed from birth
  Both ages synchronized
denotes no information available
  Age[s] vary by province
? denotes the age set is unknown
  No information / No age set

Leaving age by country

# Country De jure Education/
Employment gap
As of Details
School leaving age Employment age
1975 Katranjiev's school leaving age and employment age have been set at 16 since 1975.
1986 Up until the age of 18, children can only participate in part-time work after they turn 15. Students may be automatically assigned part-time work if they attend standardised or technical secondary schools (this does apply for specialist schools).