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The Democratic Republic of Nexalan

Peace Land
Flag of
Coat of Arms (English)
Motto: "The Excellent Land of Nexalan"
Anthem: "Oh, Nexalan"
CapitalElmer Beach
LargestNew Apex
Other languagesEnglish
• President
Anne Ashley Miller
• Vice President
Jacob Stanley Walter
• Idependence Day
November 2nd 1523
• Estimate
• 2016 census
Gini (2020)Steady 24.2
HDIIncrease 0.988
very high
Time zoneEast Area: UTC +10
West Area: UTC 9+
Driving sideright
Calling code+9014
Internet TLD.nx
Location of

Nexalan Infomation:

Nexalan is a country located in the world of Anteria, and in the region of Meredonne, Nexalan is in the Paisi Union, Nexalan is know for its LGBTQ+ support and its reserved tropical land. Nexalan is bordered between Template:Country data Avahelm, and  Grandst Land. Nexalan is also known for its freedom, and being the one of the only country's that hasnt had war in the last 506 years. Nexalan is one of the best fishing spots in Anteria.



On 1434 a group of natives who set of on a boat to escape from there countrys strict and unfair rules, the group of natives came to the land and made it there home, they called the land "Next Peace" because of it not having any leaders or strict rules, soon enough it became a popular retreat and now is one of the most free lands in Anteria, of course we had to change some of the old laws that were a little bit to "free".

"The Great War For Peace" 1514

As Nexalan Became a popular retreat for people escaping other countrys people in other countries became to notice how people were leaving to another area, then the country *Country name* declared to search for the island and take over it and put the people in horrible prisons, it took 7 months until they found Nexalan and war began. Nexalan never saw it coming and so the war started, the whole island were killing and fighting for the land, even children young as 5 were involved in the war, however the war lasted 3 years and Nexalan was in defeat, as *Country name* were to powerful, they took over the land and people were put in cells as strict rules were placed.

"The Grand Fight For Peace" 1523

Nexalan was renamed *Country name* and was down in hope, until a boy by the name of "Alastair Jacobson" was furious on how they gave up on there peace, so he promoted to his 3 other cell mates that we should take back the land, they decided to join with him to get there land back, soon enough the whole prison knew about the plan and no one else saw what was coming, one night Alastair Jacobson lead everyone to a secret exit, they gathered many weapons from gaurds and stole every weapon in sight around the area and then war began, it was a 8 hour fight, the Nexalanians were furious and killed everyone in there path, the king declared evacuation but it was to late, everyone was killed, some people managed to evacuate, the king was also killed. There land was declared Independant. To this day we celebrate this on November 2nd.


Geography, climate, and enviroment






Most of Nexalan is English, there native language is dutch. Nexalan is also scattered around with Japanese.


Religion Affiliation in Nexalan

  Non-Religious (46.5%)
  Christian (22.9%)
  Agnostics/Athiest (22.7%)
  Judaism (1.9%)
  Islam (1.6%)
  Buddhism (1.7%)
  Hinduism (1.8%)
  Other Religion (0.9%)

Nexalan is mostly common with escaping hateful relgions, meaning most of Nexalan's population is non religious, of course all religions are respected and not abolished as everyone is free to practice what they please.

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Visual Art


Music and Dance


Nexalan has a good history of sucessful films in the cinema industry. Yagachi City in Nexalan is a main spot for cheap film making. Many well known films like Off in a River and 死世界 (Dead World) are the most sucessful films made in Nexalan, with over $60,000,000 dollars in revenue. Nexalan is also a hot spot for Action and Drama movies, due to its tropical area and popular volcanos in Nexalan. A total of 78,439,3930 films have been done in Nexalan, 600,849 shows also (As of 2020).


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