Amadar I

Amadar I
King of Trellin
Reignc. 285 – 264 BC
Coronation285 BC
SuccessorTemuir I
Bornc. 320 BC
Died264 BC
HouseHouse Thaerinë

Amadar I (c. 320-264 BC) was the first King of Trellin. He reigned from 285 BC to his death, whereupon he was succeeded by his son Temuir I. His coronation, in 285, is taken as the start of the Trellinese calendar system and referred to as 1 NU, or Trellinese Naië Umarva (Year from the Coronation). Amadar is often considered the founder of House Thaerinë, though a minority ascribe this to his mother Thaera, who may or may not have existed as 'Queen of the Trellinese'.