Karindos I

Karindos I
King of Trellin
Reign148 – 183 AD
PredecessorLorel I
SuccessorBehrod II
BornMar'theqa, Trellin
Mar'theqa, Trellin
HouseHouse Azarinë

Karindos I (119-194) was the son of Lorel I. He was King of Trellin from 148 to 183, when he abdicated in favour of his son, Behrod II.

Karindos led his kingdom through the Third Hyseran War, which began in 164 when Emperor Kopral the Audacious - who had won the Hyseran throne in a civil war - declared war on Trellin without provocation. Over the following seven years, Hyseran raiding parties forayed across the Serëtanz repeatedly, but they were unable to make substantive progress. When Kopral led an army across the river himself, he was ambushed and driven back with the result that Hyser was besieged for the first time in Trellin's history. Although the siege was abandoned when it was paid off and a Hyseran army arrived from the north, Karindos was able to negotiate a treaty that pledged "a lifetime of peace".

Kopral nonetheless desired vengeance against his southern neighbour, and in 173 he sent his Grand Armada to loot Trellin's eastern provinces. It was intercepted by a Trellinese fleet when just out of its Jajexan port and was driven back with great losses. Karindos personally led a party of horsemen to Hyser to demand an apology from Kopral, who conceded it before his entire court and swore to uphold the peace treaty thereafter.