Azara I

Azara I
Queen of Trellin
Reign31 – 68 AD
PredecessorPethmil II
SuccessorStediz I
Born2 BC
Mar'theqa, Trellin
Died68 AD
HouseHouse Azarinë

Azara I (2 BC-68 AD) was Queen of Trellin from 31 to 68 AD. The first ruler from House Tamaritika, thereafter known as House Azarinë, she was also the last Trellinese monarch born before the Common Era. A descendant of King Vedrin and his second son Tamarit, she was named heir to the throne by her third cousin Pethmil II in 27 AD, after his three marriages each in turn failed to produce a surviving heir. She was the longest-reigning monarch since Amadar II, at thirty-seven years, and was not surpassed again until her descendant Behrod II. On her death she was succeeded by her son Stediz I.