Lorel III

Lorel III
Queen of Trellin
Reign714 – 753
PredecessorKarindos II
SuccessorMokhra I
Mar'theqa, Trellin
IssueMokhra I
HouseHouse Equ'marë
FatherKarindos II

Lorel III (694 – 753) was the daughter of Karindos II. She was Queen of Trellin from 714 until her death in the plague of 753. She was succeeded by her son, Mokhra I.

From 750, Lorel engaged the Hyseran Empire in a minor war after the Hyserans attempted to settle upriver on the Serëtanz. In 752, a plague which chroniclers described as 'a morbid terror' spread westward out of the Tambodi rainforest, of central Retikh, and ravaged the town of Vedalera. In 753 it reached Mar'theqa and Hyser, where thousands died. Lorel and the Hyseran emperor Ruhznya both agreed to end the war, before she finally succumbed to the disease herself.