Palav ti'Eza

King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera
Reign6 February-18 May 1047
Coronation10 February 1047
PredecessorMokhra II
SuccessorJemeg I
Born2 November 996
Eza, Zha'tar
Died18 May 1047(1047-05-18) (aged 50)

Palavix of Eza (2 November 996–18 May 1047), always referred to in historiography by his name in Ahéri, Palav ti'Eza, was King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera for three months in 1047, the Year of Five Kings.

Born in Eza, in the province of Zha'tar, Palavix rose to become a prominent commander under Tovelindra II. However, he and her son, Mokhra II, held mutual resentment; when Mokhra was crowned in 1045, Palavix almost immediately joined a conspiracy against him and was a leading figure behind his assassination. He seized power and was quickly crowned king, but lacked general support among either the people or the nobility, especially after he put Mokhra's wife and children to death. Mokhra's brother-in-law, Jemeg, led an army from Idisamo to overthrow Palavix, who now styled himself in the Ahéri way as Palav ti'Eza and held court at Hyser. He attempted to flee the city, but was caught by his soldiers who forced him to lead their army to face Jemeg's. He was slain in the ensuing battle, and his opponent was crowned Jemeg I, though he would only last four months as king.