Stediz V

Stediz V
King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera
Reign16 November 970 – 11 March 1022
Coronation5 and 15 December, respectively
PredecessorKederm II
SuccessorTovelindra II
Born20 April 939
Mar'theqa, Trellin
Died11 March 1022(1022-03-11) (aged 82)
IssueTovelindra II
HouseHouse Tiderinë
FatherKederm II
ReligionLadath Thaerinë

Stediz V (20 April 939 - 11 March 1022) was the son of Kederm II. He was King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera from 970 until his death. He was succeeded by his daughter Tovelindra II.

Among the accomplishments of Stediz's fifty two-year reign was the introduction of a new imperial flag in 1017 which remains in use to the present.